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I am not really a fashion or  style blogger though I love dressing up, posing & taking OOTDs, shopping ofcourse! and I love fashion (wanted to take up a fashion course when I was younger- but ended up with another path, that’s another story to tell and I grew up with brands because of my mom and the influence of her work place) I still have a lot of room to improve and yes, I do feel insecure to be around fashion bloggers who have their A game when it comes to fashion and style. Fit bloggers get to dress anything they  want,  look their best and dress way better, compare to me I have to be certain because if it looks good for my body type (I am a BIG girl kasi). But I do admire fashion & style bloggers, YES I do. I have a lot of friends who are and I get to meet, love the wisdom they share and nice to keep up with them when it comes to trends, so much good and trendy fashion & style bloggers today also forgot to mention beauty & fitness bloggers too J

But it’s okay, I love my body but like I said I have to improve. I’m back to my what you call balik alindog program after gaining much during my board exam, it has been a struggle and Im glad to lose atleast 15 kilos, aiming to lose more and I prefer to take it slowly because its already a LIFESTYLE. Well at the end of the day its all about how you carry yourself. That’s why I decided to fit in the category lifestyle because you can blog anything under the sun.

This year, got out of my comfort zone and collab with my Ms. Gaile, her shop called “Shopaholic Therapy”. FB PAGE: Shopaholic Therapy Online Shop and Intsagram: @shopaholictherapy_osph. The shop sells everything from clothes, bags, shoes and makeups. Affordable and trendy! For inquries please Viber  #09154336325.

Nude and Brown shade lippies are back! Very 90s and I do recall my make-up artist during my 20th birthday saying that brown shade lippies suits me. Dark brown lippies for me when I go to events and light nude shade for everyday use,


MAC Lustre Matte Rouge Alevres shade lippie number 12.

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And the CROP TOP, especially when its black goes with anything from casual – pair it with a high waist pants, shorts and midi skirt (mostly trending  nowadays) to “Athleisure”(If its like air dry quality), you’ve seen Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner rock them- pair it with fitted and hugging track pants (the air dry ones) and leggings for as long its high waist. If you can rock them in Palazo pants and high waist pants whether ripped or not, go for it . Covered or not  it’s  still how you present yourself!


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