Sunscreen Blog Review: Belo Sunexpert Tinted Sunscreen

So I’ve been using the Belo Tinted Sunscreen for a while been trying it INDOORS and OUTDOORS plus I tried to make it as a primer as the base for my  makeup. I wear makeup literally from Mondays-Saturdays when I am on hospital duty (It’s like required apparently).

On weekdays when I see my friends, I just go out with no-make up look because its like ample time for my skin to rest. They say you have to always look your best when you go out, you may never know that you may meet “the one”, I’m like too lazy and If he is the one, he’ll accept and love me for who I am. Beauty is skin-deep. But yeah, physical does come first- atleast be presentable. Lately I’ve been going out with a bare face and using either Belo Tinted Suncreen or Belo BB Cream.

So what caught my eye to try this product it’s because mainly 2 things, I really need sunblock or sunscreen- it has been my essential go to beauty product because I really need to protect my skin to prevent the spots on my face to go way darker and ayoko umitim (I used to be so dark- I am not against being dark, I love being morena but the tone that I have achieved today was all hard work. Maybe I am more hiyang here in the Philippines.Growing up in the middle east bilad sa araw really made me look so dark- looking at my old photos plus I used to take swimming lessons so that adds it up).Then it is endorsed by no other than Anne Curtis herself.- I am like a fan and see how influential she is.

I’ve been to Mercury at Trinoma – SOLD OUT. Then crossed over at SM North the first 2 branches were sold out also and luckily there were few stocks left at the block so I was able to purchase one before Belo SunExpert sent me their products for review.

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So Belo Tinted suncreen has, tone adapt technology for medium t0 deep tone (evens out skin tone, conceals fine wrinkles, lines and other imperfections) with SPF 50 PA ++++ (protection from harmful UV rays), Cell protect (defense against premature skin aging). It’s Paraben-free, Non comedogenic, hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested. 

How do you use the product:

  1. I prefer to shake it first.
  2. Then apply small amounts with the use of your fingertips, different areas on your face.
  3. Then spread evenly. So like 15 seconds atleast.

Upon applying this, doesn’t really make your face look so white (since its color brown)-  just fine, smooth and it is light on the skin. My friend said it just made my face lighter and has that vibrant glow. Though I’ve noticed throughout the day like after 3-4 hours after application it kinda has a sticky and oily feeling. Obviously it’s SPF 50, so it has to be reapplied like every hour if you’re exposed under extreme heat. If it stays long and no reapplication, it becomes oily- that’s what I mean.

One time, while I was at the outdoors – I’ve reapplied the sunscreen a number of times, at the end of the day, I kinda had pimples maybe because of the outdoor dirt perhaps. I profusely sweat a lot, so one time while patting my face with a facial tissue to removed the sweat, obviously there would be traces of the sunscreen.

Indoors, I tried it as a base or primer for my makeup, it was all good for an 8 hour lecture then after that it became sticky and oily. Good timing because that’s my dismissal time so expect to look really haggard. No reapplication since its under layers of makeup. The sunscreen can be used as an instant perfecting coverage for your foundation and powder. For me I apply the sunscreen first, then concealer then foundation and to top it with sunpowder.

For P495, It is available at the beauty section of Mercury and Watsons.  I would rate this product 3.5/5 –good for indoors and outdoors plus very multi functional not only as a sunscreen, it can be as a primer too. Very effortless for an everyday habit and you why not have both, a product that covers beauty and protection! Remember to stay #BeautifullyProtected girls !


Catch up on my next Belo product review, a  blogpost about BELO BB CREAM (with Kojic acid and tranexamic acid) then I’ll be comparing the two.


The Belo Beautiful Grand Launch: A Spectacular Show Live at Trinoma Activity Center | KrishGeek

The Belo Beautiful Grand Launch: A Spectacular Show Live at Trinoma Activity Center | KrishGeek

The Belo Beautiful Grand Launch: A Spectacular Show Live at Trinoma Activity Center



Belo, the most trusted name in beauty, brings to you the show of the century—a grandiose afternoon with performances from this generation’s biggest acts!




To showcase its unparalleled expertise and innovation when it comes to beauty, Belo gathers its top ambassadors in one stage to share to the world how Belo has helped them succeed in their careers and in an industry where beauty is top priority.

Anne Curtis <3
Anne Curtis #wANNEderwoman
 The unkabogable, Vice Ganda - buwi buhay prod!
The unkabogable, Vice Ganda – buwi buhay prod!

The Amazing Concert Sweetheart Anne Curtis,  opens the evening with a dauntless act and shares her love as a belo ambassador for almost a decade now. The Sultry Popstar Royalty Sarah G, although unable to attend the show, is very proud to share 8 Belo beautiful years with the company. Adding to that line up are the Magnanimous Primetime Queen Marian Rivera, the ever so Dashing Teen King Daniel Padilla and the Vivacious Phenomenon Star Vice Ganda who is revealed with a grand entrance, concluding his act with   his gratitude for Belo.

The Teen King, Daniel Padilla
The Teen King, Daniel Padilla
Blooming, Marian Rivera
Blooming, Marian Rivera

Dubbed as the industry’s top stars, Anne, Sarah, Marian and Daniel only use top-notch beauty creations from Belo. The Belo Essentials Underarm Beauty Duo, Belo SunExpert Ultragentle Sheer Spray, Belo Intensive Whitening Line, Belo Collagen and Belo Men Acne Control are each loved by these stars, respectively.


With the vision to make the Philippines the most beautiful country, one person at a time, Dr. Belo extends her gratitude and joy to everyone present in the launch as she sees her vision coming to life in the faces of her audience.

The Belo Beautiful Grand Launch was hosted by Robi Domingo and Cristalle Belo Henares. This grand show is just the beginning of a year-long celebration of magnificence and   spectacular beauty creations. Make merry for there is more to watch out for

Photos Courtesy of Intelligent Skin Care Inc | Belo Medical Group| Official Photographer(s) of #BeloGrandLaunch