Selena Gomez #RevivalTourMNL

I would like to share tidbits of how awesome Selena Gomez was last night, I couldn’t help it that I wanted to just blog and share the feeling. Well there goes my bucketlist, Selene and Demi (twice already). For so many years as a concert attendee this is the only time I decided to post a blog about it- since during the days I don’t have a blog yet and I was newbee at blogging. I love going to concerts (That’s sounds one of those best places to bring a date haha).



Anyways, Selena was amazing – she bloom from her shy teeny bopper Disney days to like a total performer like Beyonce (Beyoncé is still the queen- hoping to watch her concert). Total performer, she even played a keyboard to one of her songs. Quick story to share: Just a few days I was in Toronto, Beyoncé had a concert at Roger’s Stadium. The tour guide mentioned it to us while we were riding a boat viewing the skyline.- Thanks a lot wished I knew and came earlier. That should be next time my itinerary when I visit international waters check for any events and concerts. Too bad my friend asked me to watch DNCE but we went uphill to camp – but I love being in one with  nature something seldom I do in Manila.




Anyways, I love every wardrobe she wore at the concert- very edgy and chic. Pieces styled by Sami Miro who came on tour with her. Well I think she had 5 outfit changes in total. My fave looks were the one she wore a robe with a black top and matchy boxing shorts with knee-high-heeled boots next would be she wore this athleisure getup with a hoodie- the girl has abs. Then the classic slit black dress.

She slayed every song and gladly most of the songs she played ones I knew! Like Come and Get It, Revival, Kill Em With Kindness, Same Old Love,  I want you to know, Hands to Myself- current fave, Who says- fave song since I was in college. The concert run for an hour and a half- it was awesome. Looking forward to my other concert happenings and hopefully I can post them.


Before the concert – As usual the concert didn’t start on time – what’s new. Tips: bring a Powerbank or anything that could entertain you while waiting. You can eat inside while waiting too since food and drinks coming from outside is prohibited. Darren Espanto was the front act- been seeing this kid all the time to every event I go to, kid with talent that’s why my parents were rooting for him when he was starting at The Voice Kids.

People would ask me is it fun to go to concerts alone or with someone. Well I can’t say which is much better because both has pros and cons – depends on your perspective. If you are alone, yeah you are lonely but there are other concert goers that go alone too and maybe you can make friends, have the guts to introduce to yourself (but not all your complete information maybe you can talk about the artist and some knowledge you know – it’s better to be safe and you just met the person). Once the concert starts people start to do their own thing while watching. If you go with someone, yes you have someone to talk too and take pictures of you- definitely have a good time.

How about you guys? Any concert experiences and tips? 🙂