Thiocell, Glutathione in lozenge form: Your new way of whitening.

November 27, 2015 | Le Jardin Manila BGC


Thiocell, glutathione is a new scientific breakthrough first in the Philippines. Produced by Brady Pharma, US. The first ever, Glutathione in lozenge form and named the most effective- also safe. You heard me right, some Filipinos are obsessed with the idea to achieve a whiter glow, (its alright, if that what makes people happy and look better) but what makes this product different among all other forms of whitening being advertise and spent for compare to other tablets and other topical forms (soaps and creams).


Dr. Kaycee Reyes of LUMINISCE

What makes it different, it is because of 3 things : First, the SCIENCE – Thiocell, is the brainchild of Dr. Theodore Hersch. It is composed of 500 mg reduced glutathione, Other ingredients include, Vitamin C 100 mg, Grapeseed extract 25 mg, Vitamin D 200 IU, Vitamin E 10 IU and L-selenomethionine. Glutathione neutralize toxic free radicals that we know causes oxygenated damage to the organs. For those who are fair skinned, it inhibits the production of new melanin to look younger, fresh and decreases skin blemishes. For dark skinned, production of increase melanin cells.



Second is the GCS Formula, Stands for “Glutathione, Vit C and selenomethionine” with these 3 combined, it increase the production of Glutathione(whitening) and a stronger immune system. Combination of grapeseed extract and Vitamin E, also increases the production of Glutathione.

Third, the LONZENGE – it is said that there is better absorption between the teeth and inner cheek. TIP: Take it with water – then I kinda grind it with my teeth after. The taste? Well I’ve been personally trying it for a few days now, I decided to take it ONCE a day, It tasteS similarly to Kremil-S but kinda more tutti-fruity like but more sour (its like medicine) and BIG compare to others.



You can consume 3-4 lozenges a day (Please don’t go overboard that can lead to overdose). BUT as advised you can start on the FIRST week 3 lozenges in a day, the SECOND week 2 lozenges in a  day and THIRD week and the rest just ONCE in a day. Or CONSULT A DERMATOLOGIST OR PHYSICIAN to be sure (Advise from a nurse). Like I said, I decided to take it ONCE a day, well I LOVE and I am content with my morena skin (its suits me better), as advised by my derma taking glutathione would help with my dark spots to lighten along with the treatment I’m going through with so lets see if it does help. For P2600, It is available as of now at Lazada to be purchased and If you have the means go and try!

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@krishgeekness Im not aiming to be white, I learned to love my morena skin tone. According to my derma, glutathione may help to lighten up my “dark insecurities/spots” so lets see my journey with #Thiocell thank you! (First & only glutha in lozenge form) on the blog soon 💕

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