When I Started Using Organic Shampoo, Conditioner and Soaps

I personally use these products- and I guarantee to you the results from my personal experience. I’ll be sharing to you the pros and cons of using all organic products.

Organic Shampoo : Lush Sea Salt Shampoo

Pros: No chemicals, Makes hair look healthy and vibrant, and after a few hours the hair doesn’t oil or get greasy (which I personally love)

Cons: It doesn’t give you that smooth and silky feeling like commercial shampoos do. Not student budget friendly.

Organic Conditioner: Lush Veganese Conditioner

Pros: No chemicals, Makes hair look healthy and vibrant, and after a few hours the hair doesn’t oil or get greasy (which I personally love)

Cons: It doesn’t give you that smooth and silky feeling like commercial conditioners do. Not student budget friendly.

Coffee – INVIGORATING | Honey- MOISTURIZING (Personal fave) |Singkamas- REVITALIZING | Sunflower – SMOOTHENING |

Organic Soaps: BODY RECIPE by HBC (Follow @myhbcph)

Pros: Affordable got the body recipe soaps worth P90, No chemicals, My “backne” seems to disappear or lessen, smooth on the skin and smells good (long-lasting). Helps relieve dryness and restore silky softness to skin. Washes away dirt and refreshes skin. Improve skin tone and healthier appearance.

Cons: Melts easily, the duration would take atleast 2 weeks.


Age Well With NutraWell

Nutrawell is the latest innovation and only available at GENERIKA PHARMACY – the most affordable collagen drink in the market for P99 each and buying the entire pack of 17 (7g) sachet cost around P 1400.


What makes this powder drink different? Lets start with the basic, collagen is abundant in babies that’s why the have soft and smooth skin. For nutrawell it is composed of 5000 mg collagen and it is ORGANIC. This is the first collagen drink with ASTAXANTHIN & HYALURONIC ACID. ASTAXANTHIN – slows down the aging process and HYALURONIC ACID serves as a moisturizer (hydrates the skin). In about 14 days, you will see visible results. Collagen is advisable to drink for those in those starting 26 years old since I am 23 years old and I want to maintain my skin inside and out I would recommend this product except for those who are pregnant ,breast-feeding and on medical treatment. This advisable to be taken once a day at night – it may cause you to be a bit sleepy and so our body can absorb it. And my personal hack since I’ve tried other collagen drinks its better if you could melt with warm water if you plan on drinking it with cold drinks. I prefer mixing it with another drink instead of diluted form in water. NUTRAWELL is made of fish collagen (like the salmon, the reason why they are pinkish  because of PHEOMELANIN), serves also a sunblock – still use topical sunblock for additional protection (It has also GLUTATHIONE btw).


Simple Tips for Age Management


Taking care of your health and beauty go hand-in-hand. In fact, the foundation of nurturing and maintaining your youthful vibrancy relies on adopting daily health habits. To help you get started on living a better life while ageing with grace, here are simple health and beauty tips that will keep you radiant.

#1 Eat Healthy Food

Enjoying plenty of fruits and vegetables everyday goes a long way in maintaining your youthful glow. Coupled with whole grains and lean proteins, a diet rich in these natural goodies can help the skin maintain its healthy complexion. Including organic sources of omega-3 fatty acids in your diet also contributes to keeping the skin strong and elastic. On the other hand, eating food rich in anti-oxidants bolsters the body’s ability to combat the effects of sun damage and pollution on the skin. As an added bonus, anti-oxidants also fight free radicals that lead to wrinkles and other signs of aging.

#2 Maintain an Exercise Routine

While the benefit of exercise on keeping your desired weight has long been known, it also has a direct effect on keeping skin beautiful. Exercise increases blood flow, ensuring enough nutrients and oxygen reaches your skin. The blood flow also helps skin cells flush away toxins and waste products, helping the body in its natural detoxification process through the liver. Regular exercise also tones your muscles, helping boost your overall look. Just remember to avoid excess tension when you exercise, especially on your neck and chest area. Prolonged tension will pull-down your facial muscles, making you look less youthful.

#3 Keep Everything Clean

It is absolutely important to keep yourself clean. Regular cleansing washes away dead skin cells and any toxic build-up on the skin that could lead to blemishes and poor complexion. But you must remember to be gentle!  Use mild soaps and cleansers with warm water, this way you don’t strip away essential oils from your skin. After cleansing, remember to use a moisturizer to keep your skin supple. Most importantly, your bed has to be clean too. If you don’t change your sheets often, any dirt or bacteria on your bed can cause unexpected breakouts.


#4 Manage Your Stress

Stress causes wrinkles, fine lines, acne breakouts and other skin blemishes. In some cases, stress even leads to eye bags, dry skin, grey hair, and hair loss – especially when it is uncontrolled and left unchecked. While the most immediate way to be rid of stress would be through regular massages, there are more practical methods to alleviate stress that can be done in your own time without any additional cost. Daily stretching and meditation sessions do a great deal in reducing stress levels. Spend at least 20 minutes a day calming yourself while breathing deeply to keep stress at bay. It will help you look more refreshed and beautiful.


#5 Avoid What Damages Your Skin

Other than processed food, refined sugars, alcohol, and cigarette smoke – the sun is among the leading sources of skin damage. Even when you’re indoors, the sun’s harmful UV rays can still take a toll. That is why it is incredibly important to always use sunscreen. At the bare minimum, use sunscreen with SPF 15 – and they must be reapplied every two hours. When it’s especially sunny outside, it’s best to use protective clothing that can block ultraviolet rays. Another important tip is to always drink water, to offset any moisture and hydration lost from heat exposure. Constant hydration also helps the body cleanse itself while keeping the skin supple.

A great way to support your daily routine would be to boost it with all-natural food supplements, giving your body all the nutrients it needs to strengthen itself and maintain its youthful vibrancy. While the choice of food supplement is best decided between you and your Physician, there’s one readily available, over-the-counter product tailor made to manage the ageing process. Generika Drugstore’s Nutrawell Collagen with Astaxanthin and Hyaluronic Acid helps the body repair and protect the skin, keeping you beautiful as you age. Certified as organic under the Japanese Agricultural Standard (JAS), it contains key components that nurture the skin from within.

Nutrawell Collagen is a powder mix that can either be taken on its own or mixed in your favourite drink or food. It has 5000mg of marine Collagen that rejuvenates skin firmness and radiance. Its 60mg of Hyaluronic Acid helps prevent osteoarthritis, cataracts, infections, and skin dryness. The 70ug of Astaxanthin helps protect the skin from UV damage. It is a powerful carotenoid anti-oxidant that helps promote eye health while also aids in preventing cancer. Research also suggest that Astaxanthin is a potential aid in cardiovascular health by possibly lowering down triglycerides, raising good cholesterol and improving blood flow.

Nutrawell Collagen also contains Elastin which helps the skin remain elastic, Biotin which boosts skin, nails and hair health plus it also helps to ease eczema and dermatitis and L-Cystein which can lighten one’s complexion. Of the powder mix’s components, Vitamin C is among the most critical as it is an anti-oxidant that helps the body strengthen its tissues, keeps the heart healthy, and boosts the body’s ability to produce and repair collagen.

Healthy habits paired with the right food supplements can help you keep fit and age with grace. Through these healthy tips and Generika Drugstore’s latest age-management innovation, you can enjoy more out of life while retaining your youthful vigor.


To learn more about Nutrawell Collagen with Astaxanthin and Hyaluronic Acid and/or Generika Drugstore, simply visit http://www.generika.com.ph/ or like its Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/Generika.com.ph

“Chestnut Brown” Liese Creamy Bubble Color Review

Liese creamy bubble color is the latest bubble technology from Japan brought to you by Vibelle Distribution inc., comes in 6 brown tones available here in the Philippines- Chestnut brown, Milk tea brown, Marshmallow brown, Milky Beige, Raspberry brown & Rose tea brown.

 Well I’ve attempted to try the “Chestnut brown”,  because I wanted that classy dark chocolate brown color and my roots are already showing means I need to retouch, even it out  and it is the nearest shade from  my previous hair tone (it was actually reddish-brown before).

What caught my attention to try the product, because the  advertisements says it is easy to apply and it is worth P499.00 – not bad. Liese, is locally available at Landmark, SM department stores and Robinsons,  I think. I got mine from Landmark, and it was almost sold-out. I waited for 2 weeks for the re-stock  for Chestnut brown to be available.

So lets start with the box, it says “EASY & COMPLETE COVERAGE”. Well it is easy because you could do it at your very home, simple instructions to follow though quite messy in a way  so it would be nice to ask for  help and plan ahead . It does work fast in just about 20-30 minutes. It did give a full coverage on the OUTER layers of the hair, but in between the roots some parts didn’t especially the hard to reach parts or I didn’t part it properly?

My friend and I realized that we should have SECTIONED our hair and asked someone to apply foam on the hard to reach areas and the inner roots- like the traditional way we apply hair color. Overall it is a good product and let’s be honest there is a difference between  DIY coloring done at home and done professionally in a salon but not all can afford and I do recommend it.

TIP: If you have short hair (SHOULDER LENGTH), 1 box is enough. If your hair is long & thick opt for 2 boxes ( like what I did).


  • Read the instructions outside the box and it comes with a handy manual inside. PLEASE READ THE “CAUTION FOR USE” PART on the MANUAL (Read everything actually)                                                                                                      

And SORRY, I disregarded the skin allergy test- so it was my own judgement HUHU. I have sensitive skin that’s why but I checked the ingredients I don’t have any allergies with any.

I’ll be honest, apparently some foam touched my ears while applying (my fault) which I ignored and didn’t take notice. So the next day, the back of my ears became itchy & red. I managed it by applying ALOE VERA SOOTHING GEL every time since it is all natural/organic, it has anti-inflammatory properties and took 1 dose of Claritin incase it was allergies and to lessen the itchy feeling, the next day I was better. I guess it was a NORMAL side effect. Maybe that’s why there was a need for OIL BASED SKIN CREAM (Read #2). #PASAWAY or I should had rinsed it off the first place.


But before that, make sure you have no allergies. As mentioned in the guide manual there are SKIN ALLERGY TEST PROCEDURES (done 48 hours in advance) and there is an available skin allergy test panel. As a nurse, also check the contents of the product.


  • Set up your hair & materials 

Items inside the box include: Shampoo hair day before (preferably), Make sure your hair has no tangles and combed properly. No other products used on your hair.

    1. Solution 1
    2. Solution 2
    3. Foamer Cap
    4. Gloves
    5. Rinse off treatment

Instruction sheetThings for you to set up/prepare

Large Towel / cape that won’t mind staining. FOR ME, I used an old black colored shirt that I don’t use that much.

Small towel – for wiping any excess foam and others.

Floor covering such as news paper – well some of the foam hit my room & washroom ‘s floor(s) plus the bathroom sink, it didn’t stain for as long you wipe and clean it right away. Unfortunately on my furniture there was a spot and it truned white. It says in the manual, foam splatter may cause staining HUHU



Oil based skin cream ??? – to wipe off the excess, I think (Didn’t have one prepared but it was mentioned on the manual with no rationale ). Then I realized maybe I should applied it on the back of my ears incase of contact with the foam IDK?

Cotton pad and tissue paper – to wipe off excess,


  • Foam application
  • For the solutions, room temperature is just fine. So FIRST, get solution 1 which is the small bottle that says number 1 and all in Korean writings.Pour solution 1 into solution 2, then close the lid of solution 2.Solution 2 – GENTLY INVERT THE CONTAINER BACK AND FORTH at 180 degree angle for 5 times (CHECK THE MANUAL ON THE PROPER PLACING OF YOUR HANDS- to know the form)- make sure it doesn’t foam inside, DO NOT SHAKE.Place the FOAMER CAP properly, twist until it is tightly sealed. Once done COLOR HAIR IMMEDIATELY! Mixture will lose its effects 60 minutes after being mixed.Put on gloves, HOLD CONTAINER IN AN UPRIGHT POSITION and squeeze the center part to dispense foam on your hand/palm.Now it is time to apply the foam YAY! Do not apply foam directly from the bottle to hair – Avoid foam in contact with the eyes.TIP: For short hair, apply ¾ and for shoulder length use the ENTIRE BOTTLE -Since I have thick and long hair, 2 bottles. For me, I prepared the 2 mixtures first and applied it all on my hair for as long I meet the 60-minute time range for the effectiveness of the dye. (As mentioned earlier).APPLY FOAM AT THE ENTIRE HEAD/SCALP and PARTING WITH GENEROUS AMOUNT OF FOAM.THEN BACK OF YOUR HEAD & AFTERWARDS, APPLY TO THE HAIRLINE AND TO THE ENDS OF THE HAIR.TIP: Then start SECTIONING for the hard to reach parts and roots. The trick is to make sure you cover your hair with bubble foam from roots to tips. AFTER THAT GATHER YOUR HAIR UP.USING YOUR FINGERTIPS (still on GLOVES), GENTLY MASSAGE UNTIL HAIR IS COVERED WITH FOAMY LATHER – Do not massage vigorously. 


NOTE: After use, make sure you use everything in the bottle, it may cause the bottle to burst. For the remaining, wash it down the drain.

  • Waiting Game Yay! (20-30 MINUTES)


NOTE: Lather may disappear and may start dripping

  • Rinse with lukewarm water, shampoo your hair thoroughly once then REPEAT.Apply the RINSE OFF TREATMENT, RINSE and DRY HAIR COMPLETELY.TIP: Incase of skin staining, use makeup remover or soap & water then rinse it off  

Well I was happy with the result and I achieved the shade I wanted plus it didn’t dry or damage my hair.  It has been almost a month since I colored my hair with LIESE, just have proper hair treatments to maintain your colored hair- using shampoo for colored hair and conditioner.  You’ll get to appreciate it more as the days go by.

The back of my ear just reacted the day after, but all was well after managing it. I was just sharing my experience incase you guys may have a similar encounter and to prevent. #TIISGANDA

Note: Results/ Shades may vary according to your hair tone

It’s your judgment if you want to wash your hair the next day or not (traditionally they say for the color to stick/last but it wasn’t mentioned on the manual). For me, I skipped a day not to wash my hair.



Here is your chance to win Liese Creamy Bubble Hair Color in Milk Tea Brown 💁🏽 1. Make sure you follow me @krishgeekness and @liesephilippines on instagram
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Olay offers great deals with Lazada

Us women may have an arsenal of makeup in our train cases and kits, but we tend to forget the skin we have underneath all that makeup. We should also have an arsenal of skincare products especially for the face. Olay has been promoting for years that youthful skin regimen – eliminating the early signs of aging.


Now that I’m 23, this is the stage where I give importance now to my skin. Infairness, I can still pull off as less than 18 years old or a college student but I still have those raging and hormonal-popping pimples & zits. Yet, I get so insecure despite I have less pimples now compared to before, I have lots of dark spots.


When my skin got tested under the new technology of Olay, despite my skin is perfectly hydrated it is almost damage in average- because I stay too much under the sun. I was recommended to try out Olay’s facial foam cleanser,  toner (Olay White Radience Cellucent Eseence Water Hydrating Toner) and Olay White Radiance Advanced Whitening Cellucent White Essence Serum.- which I personally bought on Lazada, originally worth P1499.00 but on Lazada’s special offer it is P899.00 and comes with Olay Whitening Moisture with Pearl Extract Bodywash.


In line with Olay’s latest technology and products in collaboration with Lazada, another collaboration with designer Jojie Lloren. in designing the uniforms of Olay’s beauty consultants. To quote, “Timeless, Sophistication & Elegance”- Jojie Lloren.

Head over here to check the HOT DEALS on Olay Products only at LAZADA http://www.lazada.com.ph/olay/?searchredirect=olay



In 1952, a chemist set out to create a moisturizer that would meet his wife’s requirements. It was from this first collaboration that Olay was born. Since then, Olay has helped women all over the world look and feel their Best Beautiful every day. Olay continues to innovate around the world – not only through breakthrough skin care, but also through a better shopping experience for women.

To continue giving Filipinas a beautiful shopping experience, Olay announces its first collaboration with top Filipino designer Jojie Lloren and its latest skin diagnostic tool, the Olay Beauty Imaging Device.

Olay understands that skin care can be complex and intimidating. Committed to effective yet easy skin care, Olay was the first in the Philippines to have Beauty Consultants, who aim to help Filipinas find the perfect skin care product for them.

Olay Brand Manager Arthur Pena shares, “At Olay, we believe in making every woman look and feel beautiful. This is true for women who use and represent Olay.  Olay Beauty Consultants are an important part of Filipinas’ shopping experience, so it is equally important to us that they are confident and feel beautiful.”

To achieve this, Olay launches its collaboration with Jojie Lloren for the exclusive collection designed for Olay Beauty Consultants. Arthur adds, “Olay is very excited to partner with Jojie Lloren, who is known for his minimalist and elegant designs. His impeccably tailored designs are the perfect complement to beauty that stands the test of the time.”

The first collection for the Olay Beauty Consultants consists of a black coat dress with a silk obi-style belt in Olay’s signature gold, a sophisticated look that enhances the skin care shopping experience for Filipinas.

Beyond this designer collaboration, Olay is also equipping its Beauty Consultants with the latest in skin care diagnostics, the Olay Beauty Imaging Device (BID). More compact and precise, the Olay BID will compare the skin conditions of the shopper against a wide database of over 2,000 subjects. Using the skin probe in key areas that first show signs of skin aging, the skin condition is assessed across five dimensions: skin moisture, pigmentation, skin texture, skin tone and wrinkles. Based on the results, Olay Beauty Consultants then recommend a skin care regimen tailored to these needs.

As one of the leading skin care brands in the world, Olay continues to make women look and feel beautiful every day through quality products and experiences. Reveal your #BestBeautiful by visiting your nearest Olay Beauty Consultant.

Visit www.lazada.com.ph/olay/ for exclusive discounts on Olay. Use the voucher code “OLAY12” for Php300.00 off your favorite Olay products. Applicable to first 500 users only for a minimum spend of Php1,000.00. Offer valid from September 22-25, 2016.

Blog Review: Belo SunExpert Sunscreen


For the past summer, I’ve been using these protective essentials during my travels (Local and International). It is proven that Belo SunExpert deserves  to be part of SpotPH leading and recommended sunscreen here in the Philippines also with my blessing. The thing what I love from the variety of SunExpert sunscreen, you can use and bring it anywhere. The packaging/bottle easy to grip and lightweight. All our hypoallergenic, dermatologist tested and Paraben free. Keeps you Beautifully protected and prevents pre-mature skin aging.

Belo SunExpert Tinted Sunscreen P449.75

Photo taken by Vincent Abarico @vinceabarico

I personally use this product also as a base for my makeup, good condition for 8 office hours. My face kinda starts to oil after work hours. Sometimes I go bare face and just apply this as my go-to-make up, re-apply it every 50 minutes since its SPF 50 (whenever I remember). Good for an entire day doing activities indoor and outdoor. Easy to do just tap some small amount on your face, then blend.

When I visited my place back home in the middle east, this is the only thing I apply in the day when I go out because when I came it was Ramadan, the sun was blazing hot. You can carry this product in your bag and bring it anywhere 🙂

Score 3.5/5 (Score compared to Belo BB Cream)



Belo SunExpert Ultra Gentle Sheer Spray P539.75

Photo taken by Almira Capiral @miraycapiral


I personally use this when I go do my laps during midday at our condominium pool in the city because it evenly applies and when I am on the water it gives me that “light feeling”. I kinda prefer using sheer spray when I go swimming by the pool because its not greasy and evens out when I apply it also spray hard to reach areas. I don’t use sheer spray on the face though. It’s simple shake it before use then apply on the skin before sun exposure. Re-apply every 50 minutes or as needed, after toweling, perspiring, vigorous activities and prolonged sun exposure.

Score:  4/5

Belo SunExpert SPF 40 Face P329.50 and SPF 60 Body p459.77


These two are good partners of course, face and body. I prefer using this in the beach because of the extreme rays and the heat is different. Then you easily get darker in the beach so I make sure I re-apply accordingly. So far it doesn’t guarantee the same skin tone as before you have just preventing your skin to go way darker. It depends on the person skin. I just don’t want to go back to my “nognog”/dark sin days. It’s thicker in consistency compered to others but it is lightweight and not too heavy on the skin- It was just right and it wasn’t greasy.



SPF 40 Face 4/5

SPF 60 Body 4/5

I brought the BELO SPF 60 BODY when I visited Canada, there are times that the sun is blazing hot while we were on tour so good thing I packed it in my bag and used it incase the weather gets hot and I could feel the sun on my face. I admit I kinda got that Canadian tan while I was there, there are time I forget to use and bring it.

Belo SunExpert SPF 50 MIST P479.75


I use this product alternately with Ultra Gentle Sheer, It is lighter to carry and doesn’t add much space if you put it in the bag. Oil based but not sticky and lightweight on the skin. This is more hefty when you are travelling since it ain’t bulky but I prefer the coverage of the Ultra Sheer.

Score: 3.5/5

Belo SunExpert Sunscreen(s) can be bought at any Mercury and Watsons branches and also available at @sampleroomph

Follow Belo SunExpert on Instagram : @belosunexpert



Whipped Salon PH: Sugar Benefits of Waxing and Scrubbing

Breaking the norm that waxing makes hair more thicker but well it depends actually on how you maintain and how hormonal you really are. For me it didn’t matter too me about the norms and sayings. I was fed up on how people would teased me as one of the boys and others growing up since I was hairy/”balbon”. Well as you get older, you realized its all about having good hygiene and grooming. When I started waxing it made me more confident, the teasing lessened but behind that there are benefits to sugar waxing and scrubbing- when I hit puberty my skin wasn’t in good condition and I have dark spots, scrubbing reduces it . I mean it’s on the person’s perspective and choice whether you want to pamper yourself or not. The important thing you have a good heart and  feeling pretty and confident makes you happy- most important 🙂


At Whipped they specialize in Sugar waxing and Sugar scrubbing, here are the benefits why you should try Sugar waxing and scrubbing 🙂

13219873_1166479310082291_1737823939_n IMG_1810

Benefits of Sugar Waxing

  1. It’s all good and natural – made from sugar, water and lemon.
  2. Goodbye, good riddance! – roots are taken out as well
  3. Soft, smooth and unwanted hair – growth of unwanted hair will be soft, smooth and easier.
  4. Finer and thiner hair growth
  5. Strip dead skin cells
  6. Reduces chances of hair ingrown
  7. Less painful and little discomfort
  8. Minimizes risk of breakage – pulls the direction of natural hair growth
  9. Healthier skin
  10. Sanitary and Non-comegenic


Benefits of Sugar Scrubbing

  1. For a clean and clear skin.
  2. Bye bye flakes! – flaky skin (dry patches) accumulates overtime
  3. Renew skin
  4. Perfect Glow
  5. No more dark patches
  6. Remove those nasty scars
  7. Get that smooth skin
  8. Awesome feeling
  9. Healthier skin
  10. Improves texture


  • 3rd Floor  Ayala Fairview Terraces
  • 2nd Floor, Commerce Avenue Wing at Alabang Town Center
  • 2nd floor, Eight Forbes Town Center BGC.
  • Follow them on instagram: @whippedsalonph #YummerWithWhipped #WhippedItOut #StrippedWithWhipped #SmootherWithWhipped #WhippedATC #WhippedAFT #WhippedETC #DareToGetWhipped #GetWhippedNow #WhippedMNL #OnlyAtWhipped

To check out their services and price rates http://www.krishgeek.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/13401368_10209728142429206_1382464673_n.jpg:

Long-lasting polish: Kitchenails Gel Polish

Opt for a polish that never chips off and would last for atleast more than a month, that’s the revolution of gel polish. Kitchenails has a range of gel polish colors from brands such as ORLY, GELISH and GELAZE.




Well each nail is inclusive of cleaning plus the gel polish (P100/nail) which is P1000 in totalper pair of extremities. It’s not bad if you are desiring long lasting polish and easily dries after so you don’t have to worry if it will peel or  chip off anytime. It will be coated to the desired shade of your preference. It has a special dryer and top coat applied everytime. In a jiffy, when its done no need for downtime- it’s done and dry.



As the course when your nail grows the polish shortens (“umaangat”).But this special polish doesn’t goo off easily by any drug store acetone/ nail polish remover. There is a special kind of nail polish remover and for a time your nails needed to be soaked with cotton and wrapped in a foil. Kitchenails offers that kind of treatment worth P400.

Kitchenails Trinoma is located at the 3/F  Mindanao parking area near landmarks such as Powermac center, Calvin Klein and Ecco (along that area- beneath the escalator going to Mindanao Parking area.).

For people at the south, they also have a branch at Alabang Town Center 🙂

For reservations you may call 625-28-04

Like and Follow: http://facebook.com/kitchenails

Instagram: @kitchenails


Don’t forget to use the hashtags #Kitchenails #ColorTheNorth #ColorTheSouth #FeedYourSenses #Relax&Enjoy

For the past 6 months it has been a pleasure being a blog ambassador for Kitchenails, thank you to the entire staff for being so friendly and accommodating not only to me but also to my friends who came and try. You’ll really love the vibe, aroma and tranquility of the place – a good place to relax and enjoy while getting your nails done  #AppeciationPost



Forever Beautiful SM North Launch: Glow Facial

Forever Beautiful has launched their second branch here at the North! (LG /F SM North Annex), For me who has been trying out their treatments it is more convenient for me now since I live here at Quezon city instead of me going to their branch at SM Mega Mall- where most of their clients are.


Since they just opened this July, their SM North branch is not yet in full interior- in the coming days it would be as chic like their SM Mega Mall Branches.

I’ve tried their GLOW FACIAL (P499.00) with gold mask (additional P200). It starts off  by applying cleanser and scrub (applied like two times). The scrub would be applied and massaged then after with the use of the 2 kinds of electrical brushes (thin one for the nose and another one which is bigger for the entire face) This treatment gives additional glow to your skin and also has exfoliating properties. This is an option for those who doesn’t want to go for extraction. The procedure would take 15-20 minutes. For it was kind of “bitin(short time)” because maybe I was used to having extraction facials and the oxygen facial they have (would usually take an hour). Definitely if this is the kind of facial you are up for- I did feel a difference on my skin. Well if you are up for extraction they have a basic facial that cost (P350), you can actually add that to your glow facial. I availed the gold mask to give additional exfoliation to my skin.

IMG_1387 IMG_1394


Gold Mask (15 minutes)


Note: If you have sensitive skin, you opt to seek advice first.

For reservations:

SM North Edsa: Unit 11 Lower Ground Annex 1

Contact numbers: (+632) 966 0000,  (+63) 917 819 8000, (+63) 917 654 2300

Like and follow:

Twitter: FBeautifulPH

Facebook: foreverbeautifulspa

Instagram: foreverbeautiful_PH

For their other facials and treatments (Click the photos below for full view)




Focus on how you look and feel with #WhippedMNL


Being “balbon”/Hairy all these years made me appreciate the feeling of newly waxed and shave skin because It feels LIBERATING. The endless questions from others asking how does it feel and does it become thicker after. Well to answer the last question it depends on your hair (hormones). For me in a span of 2 weeks my eyebrows start to become bushy (after threading). Getting hot waxed for my legs would take a month for it to start growing.

For me it is essential to feel hairless because it makes me happy (That is the important thing, what makes you happy and its your money right?) . But a tip, once you’ve start doing it you have to maintain it. It’s all hardwork being a woman.

Its a new venture for me to be a brand ambassador for whipped and get to blog their services for a year, I’ve tried the sugar waxing for the eyebrows, hands and legs. Caramel scrubbin’ for the underarms too 🙂


Sugar waxing is painless but prepare for the shock but that would be normal for the first, but as it goes on you don’t mind. My brows started to grow after 2 weeks as expected for me since I am very balbon and got thick hair. For the arms it took a month for it to grow but for my legs I started to notice it takes less than a month unlike my usual.


The caramel scrubbin’,  you won’t get to appreciate it at first, yes my underarms lightened a bit but I think it has to be continuous and need to consistent with this regime. The caramel scrubbin’ has whitening effects as said. I always like a good scrub with a pleasing aromatic scent. Just keep in mind we all vary with different skin types, it may be hiyang for some and others. The good thing with whipped they use all natural products and the price range is affordable for middle class.



For the pricelist, click the photo for full preview 🙂

Visit a Whipped branch near you 🙂

  1. 3rd Floor  Ayala Fairview Terraces
  2. 2nd Floor, Commerce Avenue Wing at Alabang Town Center
  3. 2nd floor, Eight Forbes Town Center BGC.

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Can’t Keep My Hands to Myself: Hand entrée and massage #Kitchenails

So before I packed my bags, I never missed out the chance to visit and get mymonthly sessions with KitchenNails. The reasons why I keep on coming back because the place is accessible – heart of Quezon City, Trinoma (Near the gym I go to). The price is affordable for middle class and I get to bring friends over. The place is very relaxing and the interior is pleasing plus the place smells good. Then the nail specialists are very accommodating and they really take their time. Tip: Book ahead to have an appointment  you may contact them at 02 815 6350





The Hand Entrée with manicure ranges at P350 (LA COLORS), If you want premium brands its add P60. I tried the Ruby Wing change color polish got mine in white to gold-ish. Note: It changes color when there is extreme heat exposure – takes time though.

Ruby wing change color polish (white-gold)



They start off soaking your hands with this baking pan (the store’s culinary concept) and then applied your choice of  scrub, oil and mask. Then they wrap both of your arms with a  plastic wrap and wait on for 10 minutes then the massage (aperitif), you choose either soft or hard. Then they start with your manicure session 🙂


Here are your choices to choose from 🙂

Seasoning scrub:

  1. Cucumber: tightens open pores and rejuvenates complexion
  2. Peppermint: makes skin clearer (my choice)
  3. Pumpkin: prevents skin aging and promotes skin rejuvenation
  4. Coffee: one of the best exfoliator! Bye bye dead skin cells
  5. Strawberry: excellent skin cleanser.

Treat (Mask):

  1. Coffee: Tightens your loose skin. (my choice)
  2. Orange: natural treatment for dark spots and blemishes.
  3. Milk: skin fairer and radiant
  4. Peppermint: Good skin moisturizer and reduce infection.
  5. Lemongrass: restores your skin to its original lightness.


  1. Mint: Relaxes your senses and alleviates stress.
  2. Grapefruit: Stimulates production of collagen
  3. Lavender: antispetic properties.
  4. Green tea: Enhanced by sun protection by eliminating radicals
  5. Mineral: Extra dry and sensitive skin


  1. Acupressure: Relieve yourself from tight pressure points.
  2. Swedish: To relax and soothe you with penetrating strokes.
  3. Detox: Drain unwanted substances.
  4. Signature: Mix of different senses that waken your senses.

While there take some R&R time to get a massage. Your choice is either Acupressure, Swedish, Detox and Signature). Coverage: Hands, Feet, Arms, Leg, Head and Neck.

15 minutes (choose 1) P250

30 minutes (Choose 2) P400

60 minutes (Choose 3) P600