MAD WORLD: “Unravelling the Creative Genius”

One of PJMA’s (Philippine Junior Marketing Association) biggestevent this year is #MADWORLD2015 having about 6500+ attendees. Bringing
Filipino Student Marketeers together in one place , coming from different state
universities and colleges here in the Philippines. (Kudos to the students from the North, Visayas and Mindanao)

It was to my surprise as I arrived at MOA-SMX, the massive
line at the entrance at 10am.  I
understand how difficult it was for the organizers and the security to handle
that much number. It may have taken time to accommodate everyone to their
designated places, but it was worth the wait.


Being accommodated on my high heels by one of the
organizers/members (Thanks Ralph Gonzales, @ralphgon) and meeting Karol Chee
(@missykarol), Director for Marketing at Philippine Junior Marketing Association, I
would like to say Congratulations!, for pulling of a successful event, Not only
to them but the rest of the officers, members and even volunteers. Thank you
also for the warm welcome.


I came representing WazzupPilipinas (Thanks to Sir Ross Del
Rosario @pinoytekkie) who is one of the media partners of the event, and to
share, I was hoping to see Kim Kaizen Lo of UST (Big fan <3), unfortunately I didn’t see him. According to a
friend, When I left around 3 pm, he came. – Hindi

I’ve always been intrigue with the “Marketing side”, coming
from a different profession, this is an opportunity for me to learn and explore – most importantly. Maybe I could apply
what I learn, as a part time blogger.

The speakers, were very motivating and the topics they
tackle are very interesting, there was never a dull moment- Presentation pa lang, already grabbed my
Wished I finished the event but had other blogger commitments
that fell on the same day.


Opening performance by Rico Blanco, was insane, everybody
was up their seats and wanted to get a better view of him upclose. The event
was hosted by the lady wearing red, Sports enthusiast, Volleyball player and
host, Gretchen Ho. Moderator of the event, the respected Tony Sarmiento.


Opening remarks, from Philippine Marketing Association’s
President, Mr. Henry Tenedero and  I’ve
listed down Inspirational quotes to remember coming from him.

is life, life is marketing”

“The Papal
effect: Think Well, Feel Well and Do Well”

“We should not only be Hi- tech but Hi -Touch”


First speaker, was Miss Leigh Reyes (@leighpod/ @loweph) ,
President and Chief Officer of  LOWE
Philippines. Her topic is about “The Art
and Innovation Perspective”
. I was amaze how artistic and creative she is,
She presented some of her works and her travels. She said, you should get
inspiration from the tools you use.  She
introduced the term “FLEARN” means Learning from failing.


Second speaker, Mr. Lawin Bulatao, Executive Arena Director,
Arena Media. His topic is about the “Art
of Crafting”,
Defining that Crafting, is the act of making and producing
with ingenuity, care and skill. Crafting is the art of making ingredients, so
obey your inspiration. Therefore Crafting has a great impact to advertising.

Photos by: Charisse Abaric

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