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Hey  City Girls

Living in the city of Manila can be challenging #TheStruggleIsReal and we live in a tropical destination near the freaking equator! Despite how hot the season has been, being in a tropical country has its perks as well. Trying to look at the bright side of things. The only thing that adds to manila’s heat is the traffic – never ending. Creating POLLUTION which is not doing anything good to our respiratory health as well.

Since I love to travel outside the country, I really enjoy visiting other country’s cities. Honestly, a major upgrade from Manila. I am not really a nature girl but I go with the flow when my friends ask me to go for  thrill seeking nature adventures. But there is something about the city that is really me. Maybe it’s the hyped energy and always something that will catches my attention.

The City can be amazing to explore but the SUN and HEAT can be damaging to our precious skin. With Vaseline’s NEW Healthy white sun + pollution protection SPF 24 PA++ with micro droplets of vaseline jelly. I’ve been using the lotion after getting a recent sunburn from swimming, since I am all covered up and just hanging in the city for while, It just feels light on the skin and a soothing feeling after applying. It is non greasy and fast absorbing. Signature vaseline scent but more FRESH and you can really smell yourself- so good!

I personally advice if you’re just hanging around in the city, not too much exposure from the sun because you have to get from one place to another and if you’re just commuting, Vaseline’s Healthy White just gives the right amount of protection and fights the “amoy araw”  scent since we are exposed to pollution  plus gives the skin proper moisture it needs. Even though the body is mostly covered day to day, we have to still give it TLC because it shows and reflects how healthy we look and feel 🙂

Everybody Wins with Royce’s Vacation Deals

It’s never too early to plan for the perfect vacation at Royce Hotel and Casino. During the 28th Philippine Travel Mart last September 1 to 3 2017 at the SMX Mall of Asia Convention Center, Royce unveiled three new promos to help you with your advanced travel planning. At Royce, you always have a fantastic reason to book winning and unforgettable vacations for you and your loved ones.


The Halloween season doesn’t have to be scary! It can be beautiful, with just a touch of fantasy. To celebrate the holiday, Royce has a special Halloween event for you and your family on October 29 – the Wicked Wonderland. When you book a stay at Royce for Halloween, up to four guests will get FREE tickets to this festive celebration full of delightful and spooky surprises for everyone. Deluxe Rooms are at just PHP 8,280 per night. As an added bonus, you’ll also get pastry treats and complimentary breakfasts for four guests.

If you want to experience simply luxe vacations earlier in October, Royce has a great deal for you. Junior Suites are at just PHP 9,380.00 per night and come with four tickets to the Sandbox – giving your loved ones an exciting place to have fun in Pampanga. The package comes with FREE lattes upon check-in and complimentary breakfasts for four.

While 2017 is far from over, you can now plan for your perfect summer vacation at Pampanga! Book a Deluxe Room for just PHP 9,880.00 per night and get four tickets to the Sandbox. At the Sandbox, you and your loved ones can simply enjoy the summer sun while taking part in exhilarating activities. It comes with PHP 2,000 Dining Credits which you can use at The Lounge, Café Majestic, and The Empire Bar and Lounge. To help you cool-off from the heat, you get free Frappes upon check-in. You can also get Free Halo-Halo at The Lounge. Up to four guests will also enjoy complimentary breakfasts.

Those who visited the Royce booth during the Philippine Travel Mart were able to get discounts of up to 20% off their booking. Visitors who participated in the Win with Your Selfie Contest also got a chance to win a FREE overnight stay for two at Royce.

Royce Hotel and Casino bagged the first runner-up slot in the Philippine Travel Mart Best Booth Competition – Corporate Category. Royce wowed guests and judges alike with a booth that perfectly showcases the simply luxe, golden elegance of the property.

All wins at Royce Hotel and Casino – the premier vacation destination at the Clark Freeport Zone! Book your stay at Royce today and start enjoying winning experiences. To learn more about Royce, its promos and other great offerings, simply visit http://www.roycehotelcasino.com/ or subscribe to their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/royceclarkph/.   

Spontaneous Travel to HongKong with a Passport Valid for Less than 6 Months

Our recent trip to Hong Kong wasn’t actually planned, It was my birthday week and we decided to book a day before our flight. We decided days before my birthday because of family commitments that would fall near my actual birthday. – It’s fine, This is the second time I got to spend my special day abroad with my family. The first was at Dubai (4 days after my birthday), that was my first post as a blogger and I found out that I passed the board exam.

Well weeks before I’ve inquired to Cathay Pacific and Philippine Immigration, I have a concern regarding my passport, if I can travel to Hong Kong because my passport is less than 6 months valid – It is okay BUT it depends on the AIRLINE/IMMIGRATION  here in the Philippines they may weigh in your situation it may be travelling with family for as long you have documents that you are employed or that you have no plans to stay there more than intended.

THOUGH According to IMMIGRATION OF HONG KONG  – In general, all visitors to Hong Kong must have a passport that is valid for at least one month after the period of their intended stay in Hong Kong. However, documents issued to stateless persons must be valid for a minimum of two months after the period of intended stay. Please contact the Immigration Department for further details

Hong Kong may be linient compared to the Philippines, but I suggest call the airline first.

Hong Kong is already common for Pinoys to visit since its VISA FREE for PINOYS and its like 3 hour plane ride. What makes this blogpost different I would sort it out by using Hong Kong’s MTR (train)  map as a guide . It is very convenient to use their transport system. It’s okay to take a cab /Car service if you are in groups. Starting from the airport you can travel comfortably. Well we were in Hong Kong for just 3 days so I guess this is just the basic – I’ll definitely come back to explore.

  • TUNG CHUNG (Tung Chung Line – orange) – the famous cable car and the Buddha Mountain (Not sure). Unfortunately when we went there the cable cars were under renovation. So SAD 🙁
  • Sunny Bay (Tung Chung Line – orange) – This is your STOPOVER for you to hop on the train to Hong Kong Disney Land. You’ll love the Mickey Train

TIP: to buy CHEAPER tickets, head over to Central station there is a mall where all the Filipinos gather and look for an agency and avail tickets. It’s like 250 HK dollars I think. That’s why make sure you spend your entire that at HK disneyland because its your money’s worth. Ride all the rides and know the schedule of shows. 8PM is the famous fireworks display which is my favorite among all!

  • Tsim Tsa Tsui (Tsuen Wen Line – red ) – The shopping capital for the masses and a good walk to go to Harbour Bay. A friend recommended that I try KFCs egg tart (DELICIOUS).

  • Mongkok  (Tsuen Wen Line – red ) – the famous WOMEN’S NIGHT  MARKET and SNEAKER STREET. If you guys are looking for affordable beauty products they have BONJOUR everywhere in different locations.

    Authentic Hotpot
  • Central  (Island Line – blue)- From our hotel at CAUSEWAY BAY this was our connecting train station to Tsim Tsam Tsui and MongKok (Red Line – Tsuen Wen Line) and Airport Express (Aqua Green).
  • Ocean Park (South Island Side – Yellow Lane) – Connecting from Admiralty (Island Line -Blue & South Island Line – Yellow)
  • Causeway Bay (Island line – blue) – This is the high end shopping capital and good places to get desserts For hotel, I highly recommend the hotel we stayed MINI HOTEL. It is a budget friendly minimalist boutique hotel – for great deals book at www.bookings.com



Things that 20 Something (-ish) Should Invest On #WisdomWednesday


As I turn 24 years old this year, I’ve already mastered the art of PLAN A TO Z (hardly and striving). Seriously I suck at #adulting and I’ve had some realizations that I would really like to share to my readers. Plus, It would also be a constant reminder to myself that I would look back if I’ve barely made good decisions in my life, atleast I’m on track (That’s a first). If you guys are like me figuring things out – Don’t worry you’ll get there! It can be frustrating but that’s the thrill of life. DON’T FORCE IT and DO WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO. 

Since I’ve started working, I realized the value of things and that you can do anything you want (Basta enjoy lang) – especially to me while I’m still single HAHA

Here are my tips (I’m no expert tho but I’ve tried to sort things out that 20 something should not deprived themselves for)

1. Travel & adventure

While young, whatever thing is on your bucketlist – DO IT. Iba kasi ang energy pag young. I mean there is no age limit to enjoy life but taking advantage of our youth is one thing. Be in this Live in the moment and YOLO


2. Good quality camera / smartphone with HD Camera

Thanks to the Digital age, we can store memories in HD and  always capturing those IG worthy moments.

3. Intimate wear (underwear & bras)

This I learned from my mom, as you get older you realize that it important to have a good set underwear and bra. It makes you feel mature & let’s say polished – plus the comfort. (Knock on wood hopefully it doesn’t happen) Incase of emergency and you get rushed to the Emergency Room atleast you have a good pair under when they have to cut your clothes.

4. Insurance / Policy / Stocks 

If only I could bring back time I would have started during college like from a part of my allowance would go to a monthly/semi/quarterly deposit. If I started at 17 and at 25 years old I should have enough money to travel across the world with the money I saved.

It’s still never too late – I just started mine a year ago and with my spending, I’m glad I have something at the side #Security If you have the means to buy properties  WHY NOT – for as long kaya mo maintain (huwag maging magyabang pag hindi kaya)

Always have SAVINGS on the side incase of emergency.

Tip: Do extensive research with what policy / investment plan you want.

5. Further education/vocational courses

There is no limit to education – always learn and be BETTER. Get your masters and learn something you’ve always wanted which is out of your comfort zone!

6. Skin care

I do love makeup! But its not all the time makeup will save you. Mas maganda pag natural yung glow. Invest in products and treatments “hiyang” for you. If you feel going under the knife – nobody is stopping you. (As long legit & safe)

Presenting yourself physically is always first. The inside is the most important but the outside/ physical beauty comes first.

BEAUTY MUST HAVE: sunscreen & moisturizer

7. Health

This is regarding FITNESS, invest in a gym or outdoor activity. Invest in supplements you may need also and EAT anything you want for as long its balance plus you work out 3-4 a week. Plus your every 6 month visit to your dentist too!


8. Basic

To look good and put together, the basics should be available in your wardrobe – important fashion staple that doesn’t go out of style.


9. Good relationships & connections

It doesn’t have to be ROMANTIC all the time, for me its investing in genuine people who has proven their worth to you. Spend time with people who don’t bring you down whether it be family and friends. These are the people you’ll lean towards to when you are down. Be open to meeting new people from all walks of life – but always trust your gut.

IN LIFE, It’s not what you know, it’s WHO you know.


It’s the most unexplained feeling – whenever I’m in a concert it brings this different joy and adrenaline.




I’ve sorted out the kinds of bags I have: 

a. A minimalist backpack with lots of compartments – Good for school, work and travel plus you’ll be in style.

b. Luggage- especially for travel.

c. Casual Bag – I preferably use a medium size spacey bag with a sling since I always have a lot of things plus pairing the bag with a fashionable statement keychain piece.

d. Chain bag – Instead of bringing a clutch (sometimes I use clutch on various occasions) I prefer a black classy chain bag since I like bringing lots of stuff 

e. Gym bag


Proper time management and keep things up-to-date


To add some pop of color to your face.


14. Invest on yourself.

Take time to LOVE YOURSELF until you feel complete – Do what you need to do that would make you happy. 

Any more thoughts? Feel free to comment below


Happy 4th Anniversary!: Summer Sale with Travel Book PH

Happy 4th anniversary TravelBook.ph! If you’re looking for hotels with discounts, check TravelBook.ph and get up to 50% off!

I know all of us are excited for summer and its the perfect time to go all over the Philippines for an adventure to create unforgettable moments either with the people you love or your own personal journey. Going on an adventure we have a lot to consider – The planning & budget. Finding an accommodation that fits your budget TRAVEL BOOK PH got you covered and its your chance to get discount too on thier Super summer sale! Hotels that are accessible and comfortable. It is easy you don’t have to go through a vigorous search, Travel book will lay options as you search in  a jiffy!

The Super Summer Sale!!! Book Hotels as low as PHP 100 or more than 50% off to your destination of choice with TRAVEL BOOK. PH (Promo period March 24-April 26, 2017)


    1. Guests must book in advance through the TravelBook.ph website (http://www.travelbook.ph), or through TravelBook.ph’s mobile application, at discounted rates only from the three (3) participating TravelBook.ph’s partner hotel accommodations, and its room category from promo period of March 24 – April 6, 2017 only.
    2. This promo is open to all. Both TravelBook.ph members and non-members may avail of this promo discount.
    3. Promotion Stay Period for the participating hotels is valid in the inclusive dates indicated below for each. Guest must enter only in the inclusive dates for the preferred hotel to avail of this promo.
        • Destination Hotel Tagaytay – stay period is from April 17 to 23, 2017
        • Destination Hotel South Forbes – stay period is from May 2 to 8, 2017
        • Moonbay Marina Villas – stay period is from April 22 to 28, 2017
    4. Only confirmed bookings (paid bookings) will be eligible.
    5. Guests must present their booking confirmation voucher to the hotel upon check-in for the hotel to recognize its eligibility.

more deets: https://www.travelbook.ph/blog/super-summer-sale-2017/

Click the link or click the banner (scroll down below)



Places to eat in San Juan, La Union Plus Travel Tips

My recent trip has got me thinking and yeah maybe to write something while I’m off for 4 days- something to keep me busy. Going back, my recent trip to La Union, I’ve received lots of question where to eat and places to go- expected since I am a blogger.

Well I’ve visited La Union twice already (the first was on May, early this year and this month of November), still same old sizzling La Union atleast this time I know what things to bring.

Surf spots?: For as long there is a beach, there is a guaranteed surf school nearby, may cost you around P350-P400 (1 hour surfing and lessons with the instructor). The best place to surf? It depends usually on the waves and the time.

Note: When you hit the beach especially the SAND, Literally SAND-BURN (That’s why this time I brought shoes, just make sure you don’t step/soak in a puddle of wet sand) and Don’t forget SUNBLOCK too! and a helpful tip I learned from my best pal Aimee, applying aloe vera gel after exposing yourself under the heat of the sun, it not just soothes the skin but it  lessens the inflammation.

La la la to the Beach bum life ⛱ Stay #sunproofed with @belosunexpert (So cool! #belosunexpert is also available at @flotsamandjetsamhostel ☀️) 📷: @leiyeaah
La la la to the Beach bum life ⛱ Stay #sunproofed with @belosunexpert (So cool! #belosunexpert is also available at @flotsamandjetsamhostel ☀️) 📷: @leiyeaah

Manila North Rd., Urbiztondo Beach, San Juan, La Union

Just across Sea bay resort, if you guys are on a budget and for yummy rice bowl meals, this is the place to eat. A meal wouldn’t go beyond P100 and masarap din!

You’ll love its hipster outdoor motif- so chill and right beside is Mad Monkey who serve affordable burgers and fries.



Kilometre 274 MacArthur Highway, Urbiztondo, San Juan, La Union

Waling distance and in between TAGPUAN and FLOTSAM & JETSAM, the place opens as early as 7AM on weekends till 10 PM then on weekdays 9AM-9PM. Since we came on a weekend, this was the first place we had to have breakfast after our 6-hour drive from Manila.

I definitely recommend their coffee selection (Try the DIRTY HORCHATA) and the desserts like the Cookie Skillet P240 and the Indoor S’mores, P160 (small- good for 2 persons), P300 (large for 3-4 persons).


For a light breakfast go for the fluffy pancakes (3 pieces) and Grilled cheese both P160. They only considered main course in the menu. The place is definitely the best place to get coffee and chill – Hope the place would accommodate more. The place really has that cool hipster vibe plus they have YOGA CLASSES too.




Flotsam and Jetsam Hostel, 2514 San Juan, La Union




The place looks cool and the food is great too! You can definitely chill by the beach side and lay down on the carpets and bean bags while playing board games also chilling with your best pals.

Tip: Come as early like 7-8 PM, by 10 PM the place is fully booked and hard to find a place to chill.

Cheers on their great selection of drinks- SEX ON THE BEACH, MOJITO & PINA COLADA. Then their signature pizzas, TRUFFLE FRIES and ONION RINGS which is good for sharing. For health junkees out there try out the MAKAI BOWLS. TIP: If you guys are checking in (hostel) they may give you discount coupons for the Makai bowls. Best seller: Passion fruit and the Chocolate one.


TIP: As early as possible, book right away – slots are selling like pancakes especially on the weekends. Apparently my friend was able to book us the regular – its a kubo with bunk beds and cabinets with locks. House rules: No food allowed and wash hands before going inside. Each bunk bed has an electric fan and outlet, most likely with the regular you “MAY GET THE CHANCE” to share with others (like a dorm). The bathrooms, so clean!


Transportation tip: If you plan to get the bus back to San Fernando since the bus station is there, a tricycle ride would cost about P100 for 1 person. There is a line of tricycle in front of Flotsam & Jetsam and Tagpuan. Another tip, if you plan to leave at a certain time be there an hour before and the last bus is at 8PM.




Just beside SEABAY Resort and across TAGPUAN, If you opt a place to eat with the most breathtaking view of La Union, visit KAHUNA.

Food are hefty big servings, more of western food that’s why.


(Walking distance from TAGPUAN, other side of the road)

Another chill & hipster place to check out, we didn’t had the time to dine in but we’ve seen their menu, another place that is affordable to dine & chill. Bonitos is has this Mexican vibe and Aloha, the name speaks for itself, I think we were suppose to get ice cream here but we didn’t have the time anymore.

There are a lot of place to eat actually in San Juan, if you have any tips feel free to comment so the next time I visit, surely gonna check it out 🙂

For affordable and stylish beach roundies check out @todzfleamarket on instagram
For affordable and stylish beach roundies check out @todzfleamarket on instagram



Can Marc Nelson, Rovilson Fernandez and their celebrity friends Hit the Jackpot?

 PHILIPPINES (November 17, 2016) – Get ready for the ride of your life as Ryan Agoncillo gets back on the road in Season 2 of Cash Cab Philippines premiering November 17, Thursday at 8.30pm.

Cab Cab Season 2 takes you on a wild and exciting journey with celebrity guests including Marc Nelson, Rovilson Fernandez, Epy and Ronnie Quizon, Iza Calzado and Ben Wintle and the Philippine teams from The Amazing Race Asia Season 5 – beauty queens Maggie Wilson-Consunhi and Parul Shah, and married couple Eric and Rona Samson-Tai.

Ryan Agoncillo takes on the role as a cabbie as he picks up unsuspecting passengers and drives them to their destination while asking them trivia questions. Passengers stand a chance to win generous cash rewards but they might be left on the curb if they get too many incorrect answers.

Cash Cab Philippines Season 2, is an AXN original production presented by Petron and Cebuana Lhuillier, premieres November 17, every Thursday at 8:30 pm right before The Amazing Race Asia Season 5.

 AXN is seen on Sky Cable Channel 49, Cable Link Channel 38, Cignal Digital TV Channel 61,

Global Destiny Cable Channel 61, Dream Channel 20, and GSat Channel 51.

AXN HD is seen on Sky Cable Channel 247.


Triple the fun here at the North, People from the north say why are all the hype in Manila. Well good news  for those in Pampanga, you don’t have to rush into the city to get a taste of JumpyardPH, Lazer Tagg and Fun Ranch. Why risk travelling to the busiest center of the Philippines well the fun now is right at the not so crowded city of Pampanga at the heart of San Fernando.

Adrenaline junkees from the north can now visit and make it a healthy habit to be fit while having fun as well. For those coming from the south planning to visit Pampanga mark down this place for your bucketlist and bring family & friends along with.

All the fun under one roof, You have the JUMPYARD, LAZER MAXX AND FUN RANCH at FUN RULES HERE Pampanga at Paseo Las Palmas Jose Abad Santos Avenue., San Fernando City 2000 Pampanga. With its huge capacity they also accept reservations for events like parties and others.  So far they don’t  have the all-in package to avail the 3 all in the same time but they are working on it – you have to avail at each separately.


Jump Yard, Indoor Trampoline Park at FUN REULES HERE PAMAPANGA is the biggest so far – 82 trampolines, 5 slam dunk lanes, Open jump trampolines,  A Dodgeball  & Volleyball court, a wall climbing area,  Foam Pit and a Toddler area (to prevent the big kids pushing the small kids). There is also a foam pit in the center ideally for picture purposes. Before entering the area, you have to do a 8-minute stretching and you have to avail socks that is specific for use because the rubber below the socks prevent slipping . The socks would cause like less than P100. All jam-packed for fun! Rates & Schedule:

MONDAY- THURSDAY 12:00- 9PM , P250

FRIDAY 12NN-10 PM,  P350




img_2743img_2744img_2717 img_2711



LAZER MAXX (LAZER TAG ARENA) at Fun Rules Here has this set up depending on the latest trend – vest with your assigned character. At the preview we had  a pokemon theme then each member will be monitored based on their statistics during the game- you get a copy after. The arena accommodates a maximum 24 players and there will be 2 tag teams that need to defend their post and tag as many players as you can from the other team. This is a game that involves a lot of physical and mental tactics as well – Really sweat a lot! Pay attention to the instructional video before the game.

1 Individual Game (15 mins)

Weekdays (M-T) P190 / PERSON




Weekdays (M-T) P360 / PERSON




Weekdays (M-T) P 4, 000





Fun Ranch for the kiddies  though tempting to try the long slides (unleasing my inner child)- it is an indoor playground with giant slides, ball pools and other interactive activities like role playing. Did I not mention the GIANT BALL PIT! It is required for the kids to wear socks all time.

Monday- Thursday 12:00- 9 PM

P120 – 30 MINS

P 170 – 1 HOUR






P140 – 30 MINS

P195 – 1 HOUR




It is a requirement for parents/ guardian’s names & contact numbers.



Adults accomplanying children 3 years old and below may enter free of charge.

At FUN RULES HERE they cater to parties as well like I said earlier. The steps  are easy:

  1. Determine the number of guests and the room you want


Celebration – 250 people capacity P45, 000 (Minimum consumable on food and drinks)

Festival – 250 people capacity P45, 000 (Minimum consumable on food and drinks)

Sky – 120 people capacity P25, 000  (Minimum consumable on food and drinks)

  1. Create your own menu using “QUICK PICK” Dish List – there is a separate meal options for the kids.
  2. Choose Activities/ Entertainment (Inquire about pricing)
  3. Pick your extras- foodcarts, balloon décor, lootbags etc.
  4. Decide on payment option and finalize booking


FOR RESERVATIONS AND INQUIRIES  CALL  09178610294 / 09088174323