Take it to the Blindfold Test: Kenny Rogers Roasters Garlic Butter Roast

We were all in blindfolds at the event wondering what the lady with the sultry voice was instructing us to do.  Then it has come to the big reveal, it’s AROMATIC and I can smell the infused garlic – It’s THE GARLIC BUTTER ROAST!

Well I kinda had the idea since the launch the commercial of SOSBOLZ, Solenn Heausaff and Nico Bolzico – The good-looking and hilarious couple. These two are couple goals not only that they are LIFE GOALS and FITSPIRATIONS but it’s the kind of relationship they have (ofcourse they love each other) but who doesn’t watch Nico’s wifezilla instagram stories and Solenn is just cool about it. Solenn laughs at Nico all the time to the point where tears are coming out – that’s the kind of genuine relationship every girl looks for in a guy.

Going back to the Garlic Butter Roast, during the event it was served COLD maybe because it was prepped prior to the event but I personally feel if it was served like just got out of the oven it would taste great. Plus I love the potatoes served at the around the chicken. Who doesn’t love chicken and potatoes. The GBR is a healthy option because its ROASTED not fried with the homestyle goodness of garlic and butter. TASTE SO GOOD! 

It is already available in the menu! I have friends who ordered the GBR and its one of their faves on the KRR menu. So the latest offering WHOLE P550, HALF P295, QUARTER P160. For combo meal SOLO B BUTTER ROAST comes with a platter contains rice, mac n cheese, muffin, sauce, veggies and ofcourse the chicken (quarter) P250.00. The Garlic Butter Roast GROUP MEAL comes with the WHOLE CHICKEN, 4 side dishes, bowl of rice, coke and 4 muffins P820.00.

So head over the nearest Kenny Rogers Roasters near you and order or you can order online http://www.kennys.com.ph

Yummy Bodies Ng Century: Gerald Anderson, Paulo Avelino and Mateo Guidicelli

Dear Manila why have you been so hot lately, but not as hot as Gerald, Anderson, Paulo Avelino and Mateo Guidicelli as the latest endorsers of Century Tuna!

These 3 guys are not only eye candies but we should look at them as advocates of a healthy & active lifestyle. (Just look at them). Their workouts seen on their instagram pages plus eating a well balanced diet with Century Tuna. Yes they are ripped girls because they stick religiously to their workouts and diet. Like Paulo Avelino he shared he is into Fish & veggies lately that;s why he is lean. 


Mateo is always on the go so having a lean tuna egg salad sandwich is easy to prepare and ofcourse a healthy option of wheat bread. For Gerald he sticks to his Filipino roots – RICE and Tuna Silog because breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Paulo is all about comfort food since it is easy to prepare like his tuna pancit canton, like he said “Straight from the can”. These guys personally whip their own century tuna dish at home and savor it.

 These 3 are humbled to be part as the latest campaign of Century Tuna – all of them represent and fit the brand well. Century tuna is easy to open, easy to prepare with any meal and healthy source to supply the energy they need in a day! 

I got to ask their workout playlist, I was definitely waiting for Paulo Avelino answer because he definitely has a good taste in music. He answered MARSHMELLO and FLUME. Btw he posted his playlist on his instagram story. Gerald was funny, he said whatever her feels then he blurted out and got my attention Frank Sinatra – I was like FOR REAL? Mateo, same whatever he feels like doing on that day that keeps the drive going. 

Meeting the 3, honestly I was so shookt and I couldn’t even eat at the event because of butterfiles in my tummy – because I am fangirling over Paulo Avelino (If you are reading this this right now, I am so thankful and so sorry I was so speechless – usually I chitchat to a celebrities before taking a photo, but since everyone was grabbing here and there! I just got my chat to get a vid and photo -3 same photos HAHA!. Kalma, Krish!  Bucketlist checked! When I got the invite  from Century Tuna, I didn’t really expect anything. Just to see Paulo near is just enough. Thank God! 

Gerald and Mateo were so funny and throwing at each others faces. These two are so hardcore with their triathlon training and how disciplined they are. Gerald, if you do read this – you are such a sweet guy (If you guys saw IG stories) and Mateo wished I interacted with you but you were all blockbusters at the event. (You guys have no idea how rowdy it was). Mine I guess was by luck. 

A lot of friends who saw my instagram story, messaged me and asked me when they saw me “WHO HAS THE .BETTER BODY?” Just because they stripped in front of me and prepped a century tuna dish topless- that never came into my mind guys SRSLY haha 





Tex Mex – Fiery Style SouthWestern Grill

FSSWG not only has a cozy vibe to dine but serves the most flavorful Tex-Mex dishes I’ve tasted in Manila. Believe me when I say it, full of flavor and worth every penny (Price range AFFORDABLE & REASONABLE). From the interior, kind & accommodating staff – it’s worth a try.

Burgers and steak are their best sellers! The burgers intrigue me, they have buns that are in black(sesame), brown and orange (OATMEAL -dipped with flakes YUM!).The burger buns are NOT saggy and NOT oily BTW. Served in massive proportions plus the burger patty is legit and thick. Thin fries are served along with the burger – the burger itself is already a complete meal , makes your stomach full right away. Halfway eating the burger I was already full and tried to finish the fries. Complete set, would range PHP 180+ to less than PHP 250 (As I could remember).  Steaks are served in huge proportions and what you see on the menu, definitely what you get to be served. It may not be student budget friendly but we know how steak cost really –still affordable tho

After the main course, if your tummy can accommodate more space – try the CHURROS ( My fave!). The churros has the right amount of softness & crunchiness and has a kick of cinnamon at the end. The flavors all go together served with chocolate dipped and vanilla ice cream. It’s is NOT oily and NOT “nakakaumay” unlike other churros that are so heavy on the tummy and deep fried too much that sometimes so hard to chew. PHP 185 is so worth it!

Weekends are about having a drink with your buddies, they serve beer and alcoholic beverages (cosmo and posh drinks) .The Classic Paloma made from grapefruit – sweet with a kick. I recommend this to the ladies.

You can  follow @fierystyle on instagram and located at the GALLEON SM MOA (Facing the stage of Concert MOA Grounds – it’s the dome shape building)

TIP:  any upcoming concerts you can dine and reserve at FSWG because it is facing the Concert MOA ground’s stage (it may be a bit far but its cozy and you get to eat great food). The sounds can be heard from afar.

Yumbassadors Joshua Garcia & Julia Baretto #LanghapSarapYum

Jollibee, the Philippines’ top fast-food chain, welcomes two young and dynamic teen stars to its growing family. Julia Barretto and Joshua Garcia, stars of a recent blockbuster teen romance film, are featured in Jollibee Yum Burger’s latest TV commercial that aired last March 5, 2017.

 The new TVC alludes to a classic 1980’s ad produced by the fast-food chain, which showed just how irresistible Jollibee’s langhap-sarap appeal is, even to foreigners. For decades, Jollibee stayed true to its langhap-sarap claim and ensured that the Yum Burger maintains its 100% beefy, langhap-sarap goodness.

 “We see incredible potential in Julia and Joshua, young millennials who believe in always seeking out the best in everything: in their respective careers, their daily decisions, and of course, their burgers,” said Jollibee AVP for Marketing Kent Mariano. “They embody a generation that won’t settle for anything less than the best and knows that for 100% beefy, langhap-sarap, there’s always the Yum Burger.”

 Coming home

 “I was just so happy,” the young actress shared. “Jollibee was a big part of my career when I was starting out, so this endorsement is like coming home.”

Julia first endorsed the Yum Burger in 2014, which she said was “one of the best choices I’ve made so far.”

Despite being part of a renowned showbiz clan, Julia shares many things in common with other young Filipinos her age growing up. She admits to being a batang-Jollibee, with the brand being around constantly for the most important moments of her life.

“I have so many memories with Jollibee and we always went there as a family,” she shared.

When asked why she loves the Yum Burger (her favorite is the Yum Cheeseburger), the young actress answered: “It’s uniquely delicious and Pinoy. Isang langhap mo pa lang, alam mong sarap agad ang matitikman mo.”

A project worth waiting for

Joshua Garcia, on the other hand, is relatively a newcomer to Philippine showbiz. He was first seen on a long-running TV reality show, where his candid personality and relatable life story resonated among millions of viewers

Like Julia, the 19-year-old actor was emotional upon finding out that he was chosen as an endorser for one of the country’s biggest, most-loved homegrown brands.

“I really prayed and waited for a project like this,” Joshua shared. “I cried when my handler confirmed that my Yum Burger endorsement is a go.”

The Batangas-born actor shared that he missed out on a Jollibee childhood. “I only experienced Jollibee when I started out in showbiz. It was a very memorable experience when I finally walked in a Jollibee store and bought myself a meal that I paid for with my own money.”

“I love the Yum Cheeseburger, too, because it has this kumpletong sarap,” he said. “And I love that it’s made with 100% beef. You can easily smell why it’s the best. Amoy pa lang, ang sarap na.”“We hope that Julia and Joshua will inspire Filipino millennials to continue their pursuit for the best,” concluded Mariano. “On Jollibee’s part, we will continue our efforts to ensure that the Yum Burger will always have that 100% beefy, langhap-sarap goodness, that young Pinoys all over the country love.”

Tim Hortons Philippines – What to Expect? (Menu, Pricelist etc..)

Host: Janeena Chan and Miss Universe Canada 2016, Siera Bearchell

Clearly what’s brewing and the most anticipated of all – The arrival of Tim Hortons here in Philippines. I’ve been fangirling  since they announced that it will be coming here in Manila first. Last February 24, 2017 at the UPTOWN PLACE MALL 36th Street, Corner 9th avenue Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Philippines was the preview to the press about Tims and the Philippine menu that they will offer. The launch also welcomed MISS UNIVERSE CANADA 2016 Siera Bearchell (I look up to her! #BodyPositive –She’s so kind and genuine) for the ribbon cutting along with other acclaimed guests and TH executives.

The OFFICIAL opening of the BGC branch will be on FEBRUARY 28, 2017 at 4PM (Announced on their Facebook and Instagram page @timhortonsphl ). It is reported that they will be opening 2 other branches in Ermita, Manila and Eastwood, Quezon City – SOON.

What to expect with TIM HORTONS PH ‘s Menu? Let’s start with the interior MODERN  MINIMALIST  brings that “sosyal/fancy” café vibe which I like (Philippines has raised the bar) compared to the ones in Canada which had a lot of red tones and a cozy family oriented place to dine ( Of course it’s the pioneer for 5 decades). In the Middle East, cozy café vibe and spacious – because Arabs love to dine at coffee places to unwind and meet up with their fellow Arabs.

PRICELIST? To my surprise it is CHEAPER compared to the other high end coffee shops her in the Philippines. It is AFFORDABLE AND REASONABLE.  ORIGINAL BREWED, SMALL – PHP 70, MEDIUM –PHP 80 and LARGE – PHP 95. Not bad right? *Be posting the menu – CLICK  PICTURES FOR PREVIEW*

HOT COFEE – Small size coffee drinks range from PHP 95-115, Medium ranges PHP 105-125 and LARGE PHP 115-140. Additional  PHP 20 for flavor shot: Vanilla, Hazelnut,Caramel and Chocolate, PHP 75 for espresso shot and PHP 20 Whipped cream.

 TH KNOWN FOR: To make it a Double-Double (Coffee + 2 cream + 2 sugar) – customize your coffee the way you like specifically. The French Vanilla and Latte (so good!)




TH Known for ICED CAPP: Small PHP 115, Medium PHP 130 and LARGE PHP 145.


TEA – They have in Honey Lemon, Peppermint Green and Chamomile : SMALL PHP 70, MEDIUM PHP 80 AND LARGE PHP 90. Freshly brewed ice tea (sweetened & unsweetened): SMALL PHP 70, MEDIUM PHP 80 and LARGER PHP 95.

LUNCH MEALS (SANDWICHES, WRAPS and PANINI) – To make it a combo, SMALL ICED COFFEE and CRISPY POTATO WEDGES (you can trade your wedges to soup or salad for PHP 50) – TH have a healthy variety for those who are health conscious.



Famous TIMBITS! Birthday cake, Chocolate glazed, Chocolate filled, Strawberry filled and old fashion glazed: Each PHP 10, 10 PK PHP 80, 20PK PHP 160 and 50PK PHP 350 – I remembered my good friend Bethany this was her welcome gift to me when I visited Canada last summer.

They have MUFFINS, CLASSIC COOKIES (so chewy! – love it), SIGNATURE FILLED COOKIES, BISCUITS, CROISSANTS AND ofcourse the breakfast for champions –THE BAGEL with cream cheese. I remembered we had a breakfast buffet in Canada, its all bread and the bagel is always present.


In terms of menu, The Philippines gets almost the same with the usual drinks (coffee &  iced shaved drinks) and sandwiches like in Canada and in the middle east. The desserts however its not as many varieties compared to Canada and Middle east but expect the good ones and best sellers here in the Philippines.  So far they don’t have the sour cream glazed which is my fave though (maybe soon?). Well they just started and maybe as time goes by the desserts menu will expand for sure.

WHAT DO I SUGGEST? My personal faves THE DOUBLE DOUBLE (mine in low fat milk and extra base), Iced coffee (with extra base), Frozen Lemonade and unfortunately they don’t have the sour cream glazed yet L You have to try their sandwiches, cookies and muffins to pair with your fave drink -CHEERS!

Jollibee ‘s Pepper Cream Burger Steak and New Look!

Your all time favorite classic  burger steak gets an upgrade and a new addition to the JB menu – The Jollibee Pepper Cream Burger Steak – JB’s signature beef patty with 100% rich beef, rich sauce made of cream and black pepper topped with sweet corn kernels and served with steam rice. It will be available in all Jollibee stores nationwide for dine-in, take-out and drive-thru for just only PHP 50 for 1 pc solo and PHP 55 comes with nestea icetea YAY!


I am a fan of the classic burger steak and ofcourse the phenomenal CHICKEN JOY – The thing with the Pepper Cream Burger Steak is that is something to get used to from the usual but its delish! The pepper in the sauce did not overpower- it met the pinoy taste and the sauce’s thickness is just right compared to the classic that is way thicker and more flavor. I just love the sweet corn toppings because it adds fiber and mixes well with the flavor. The patty is still the same kind of patty you get from JB. It’s worth the try guys and super affordable pa PHP 50 lang and may drink for additional PHP 5. 



In line with the launch, is also the presentation of Jollibee’s new look/ interior/concept – a very modern pinoy vibe with murals and artworks by EGG FIASCO (known for the famous BGC Murals) and the crew/staff uniforms designed by renowned Filipino designer – Francis Libran. 







SHAKEAWAY to Manila!

With over 180 varieties of concoctions and mixes for you to try – Shakeaway is the biggest menu so far I’ve seen here in Manila – It’s definitely unlimited creamy filled goodness 🙂

Shakeaway started in the UK and considered as the biggest milkshake bar company in the world and the original RE-INVENTOR of the milkshakes in 1993. It expanded all across Europe and in the middle east – that is why the brand is familiar to me because there is a Shakeaway branch in Muscat – place where I grew up. 

Shakeaway has find its place in the tropical Philippines and opened their first branch at UP Town Center, Katipunan (Ground Floor Phase 2 – near Mango, H&M & Burger King). It’s unusual for serving a huge menu and you have no idea where to start and what to order. You’ll also love their wall of treats too! The menu also paves way to the traditional pinoy taste such as CHOCNUT, CHOCOLATE COATED POLVORON, CHOCO MALLOWS, CORN, JACKFRUIT, MACAPUNO, PANDAN CUPCAKIE, PEANUT KISSES and PILI NUTS UBE. 

How do you place an order?

Start off with choosing your SIZE (Regular is PHP 190 and Large is PHP 250), ICE CREAM or FAT FREE FROZEN YOGHURT – the base is vanilla as standard but if you opt for a dietary/healthy option go for fro-yo. Pick your FLAVORS (First flavor is FREE & additional cost PHP 60): Fruity, sweety, chocolatey, biscuity and everything elsey. Add your EXTRAS (Toppings, extra thick and ice cream PHP 30 and additional supplements for PHP 60) – The staff is very generous and helpful with regarding dietary concerns and even adding more sugar if necessary and preferred. Do you know there is even HOT MILKSHAKES? 

For the FAMOUS NAMED MILKSHAKES, I recommend the best-selling DAVE – who doesn’t love KINDER BUENO! and FERRERO ROCHER with crumbled cadbury flakes on top. They have others on the menu like the CASEY, FYNN, HARRY, JOE, JOSE (Ube & Macapuno with pinipig on top), KAI, MAE, MAX, MIKE, SOL, STEPHEN and TYLER. For the price of PHP 250 REGULAR and PHP 310 for the LARGE. 

Shakeaway is not only about MILKSHAKES, they have also FRUITY SMOOTHIES (PHP 190 Regular and PHP 250 Large). Additional flavors would cost PHP 60 and NAMES SMOOTHIES cost PHP 250 for Regular and PHP 310 for LARGE. 

Also Shaved ice(lESS THAN 160 CALORIES PER SERVING), fro-yo and low fat fries – which I’m looking forward to try soon!  

Okay, I know its a bity pricey compared to other MILKSHAKE BARS but it the QUALITY of INGREDIENTS USED and the sweetness level is just alright. 

For the VIP CLUB ROYALTY CARD – Collect 10 stamps and claim your FREE STANDARD REGULAR MILKSHKAKE. 

For more information go to www.SHAKEAWAY.COM and follow them on FACEBOOK & INSTAGRAM @Shakeawayph 

Lotus Biscoff Speculoos Coolers: a Christmas Cup of Sweetness from Serenitea

Christmas is just around the corner, and everyone can have a taste of it through a sweet cup of Serenitea’s limited Christmas drinks: the Lotus Biscoff Speculoos Coolers.

 Speculoos, a spiced short crust biscuit, is traditionally served as a Christmas treat in Belgium. Made with Lotus Biscoff Spread and sprinkles of crushed Lotus Caramelized biscuit on top, Speculoos Coolers brings out the flavors of Christmas that everyone can enjoy this holiday season.

 No matter how diverse a person’s taste, family, friends, and, officemates can find a Speculoos flavor to suit their taste. What sets these coolers apart, is the delectable flavor of the Lotus Biscoff Spread in every sip along with the sweetness of caramelized biscuit of Lotus Biscoff on top of the cream.

The latest drinks for Christmas comes in three sweet delicious flavors: Taro Speculoos, Matcha Speculoos and Butter Rum Speculoos.

Taro Speculoos (195 PhP – Large Size 700 cc) The all-time favorite taro combined with the palatable flavor of Lotus Biscoff and adding a hint of cookie dough in slush.
Matcha Speculoos (195 PhP – Large Size 700 cc) Bestseller-flavor Matcha green tea matched with cookie butter and Lotus Biscoff into slush made in heaven.
Butter Rum Speculoos (185 PhP – Large Size 700 cc) A perfect combination of butter and rum in a speculoos drink creation

This Christmas season, everyone can definitely eat, drink and have a fun-filled holiday with their friends and family at Serenitea. The Speculoos Coolers are available in all 45 branches of Serenitea nationwide until January 31, 2017 only; and if you want more sweetness this Christmas, Lotus Biscoff Spread and Original Caramelized Biscuit products are available in all leading supermarkets nationwide. For more information, follow Lotus Biscoff Philippines on Facebook at www.facebook.com/LotusBiscoffPH and Serenitea at www.facebook.com/iloveserenitea/



Places to eat in San Juan, La Union Plus Travel Tips

My recent trip has got me thinking and yeah maybe to write something while I’m off for 4 days- something to keep me busy. Going back, my recent trip to La Union, I’ve received lots of question where to eat and places to go- expected since I am a blogger.

Well I’ve visited La Union twice already (the first was on May, early this year and this month of November), still same old sizzling La Union atleast this time I know what things to bring.

Surf spots?: For as long there is a beach, there is a guaranteed surf school nearby, may cost you around P350-P400 (1 hour surfing and lessons with the instructor). The best place to surf? It depends usually on the waves and the time.

Note: When you hit the beach especially the SAND, Literally SAND-BURN (That’s why this time I brought shoes, just make sure you don’t step/soak in a puddle of wet sand) and Don’t forget SUNBLOCK too! and a helpful tip I learned from my best pal Aimee, applying aloe vera gel after exposing yourself under the heat of the sun, it not just soothes the skin but it  lessens the inflammation.

La la la to the Beach bum life ⛱ Stay #sunproofed with @belosunexpert (So cool! #belosunexpert is also available at @flotsamandjetsamhostel ☀️) 📷: @leiyeaah
La la la to the Beach bum life ⛱ Stay #sunproofed with @belosunexpert (So cool! #belosunexpert is also available at @flotsamandjetsamhostel ☀️) 📷: @leiyeaah

Manila North Rd., Urbiztondo Beach, San Juan, La Union

Just across Sea bay resort, if you guys are on a budget and for yummy rice bowl meals, this is the place to eat. A meal wouldn’t go beyond P100 and masarap din!

You’ll love its hipster outdoor motif- so chill and right beside is Mad Monkey who serve affordable burgers and fries.



Kilometre 274 MacArthur Highway, Urbiztondo, San Juan, La Union

Waling distance and in between TAGPUAN and FLOTSAM & JETSAM, the place opens as early as 7AM on weekends till 10 PM then on weekdays 9AM-9PM. Since we came on a weekend, this was the first place we had to have breakfast after our 6-hour drive from Manila.

I definitely recommend their coffee selection (Try the DIRTY HORCHATA) and the desserts like the Cookie Skillet P240 and the Indoor S’mores, P160 (small- good for 2 persons), P300 (large for 3-4 persons).


For a light breakfast go for the fluffy pancakes (3 pieces) and Grilled cheese both P160. They only considered main course in the menu. The place is definitely the best place to get coffee and chill – Hope the place would accommodate more. The place really has that cool hipster vibe plus they have YOGA CLASSES too.




Flotsam and Jetsam Hostel, 2514 San Juan, La Union




The place looks cool and the food is great too! You can definitely chill by the beach side and lay down on the carpets and bean bags while playing board games also chilling with your best pals.

Tip: Come as early like 7-8 PM, by 10 PM the place is fully booked and hard to find a place to chill.

Cheers on their great selection of drinks- SEX ON THE BEACH, MOJITO & PINA COLADA. Then their signature pizzas, TRUFFLE FRIES and ONION RINGS which is good for sharing. For health junkees out there try out the MAKAI BOWLS. TIP: If you guys are checking in (hostel) they may give you discount coupons for the Makai bowls. Best seller: Passion fruit and the Chocolate one.


TIP: As early as possible, book right away – slots are selling like pancakes especially on the weekends. Apparently my friend was able to book us the regular – its a kubo with bunk beds and cabinets with locks. House rules: No food allowed and wash hands before going inside. Each bunk bed has an electric fan and outlet, most likely with the regular you “MAY GET THE CHANCE” to share with others (like a dorm). The bathrooms, so clean!


Transportation tip: If you plan to get the bus back to San Fernando since the bus station is there, a tricycle ride would cost about P100 for 1 person. There is a line of tricycle in front of Flotsam & Jetsam and Tagpuan. Another tip, if you plan to leave at a certain time be there an hour before and the last bus is at 8PM.




Just beside SEABAY Resort and across TAGPUAN, If you opt a place to eat with the most breathtaking view of La Union, visit KAHUNA.

Food are hefty big servings, more of western food that’s why.


(Walking distance from TAGPUAN, other side of the road)

Another chill & hipster place to check out, we didn’t had the time to dine in but we’ve seen their menu, another place that is affordable to dine & chill. Bonitos is has this Mexican vibe and Aloha, the name speaks for itself, I think we were suppose to get ice cream here but we didn’t have the time anymore.

There are a lot of place to eat actually in San Juan, if you have any tips feel free to comment so the next time I visit, surely gonna check it out 🙂

For affordable and stylish beach roundies check out @todzfleamarket on instagram
For affordable and stylish beach roundies check out @todzfleamarket on instagram


Jollibee launches new Rocky Road Overload Sundae

Jollibee, the country’s number one fast-food brand, is giving its classic Jollibee Sundae a new twist—topped with a generous drizzle of chocolate fudge, sweet mini marshmallows, and crushed peanuts for an indulgent, flavor-packed treat!

 The Rocky Road Overload Sundae is the latest in Jollibee’s line of desserts, which includes this year’s unique modern Pinoy treats, the Banana Langka Sundae and Halo-Halo Sundae.


 Perfect for sweet-toothed adventurers on the look-out for something new yet familiar, the Rocky Road Overload Sundae delivers all the right textures that complement the creamy vanilla soft-serve—it’s the perfect base for the indulgent chocolate fudge, the fluffy and soft marshmallows and the crunchy of the peanuts.

 “The Rocky Road Overload Sundae is just among the numerous flavor and product innovations that Jollibee introduced this year,” said Kay Segismundo, Jollibee Marketing Manager for Complementary Products. “This specialty dessert is definitely the perfect, most indulgent way to end a Jollibee meal, or to enjoy a morning, afternoon, or evening break. Overload with sarap and saya with this premium sweet treat at an affordable price!”

 Starting November 14, 2016, the new Rocky Road Overload Sundae is available in all Jollibee stores nationwide for dine-in, take-out, delivery, and drive-thru transactions, for only P35.00*! Head over to the nearest Jollibee and treat yourself to an overload of toppings and flavor!