Olay offers great deals with Lazada

Us women may have an arsenal of makeup in our train cases and kits, but we tend to forget the skin we have underneath all that makeup. We should also have an arsenal of skincare products especially for the face. Olay has been promoting for years that youthful skin regimen – eliminating the early signs of aging.


Now that I’m 23, this is the stage where I give importance now to my skin. Infairness, I can still pull off as less than 18 years old or a college student but I still have those raging and hormonal-popping pimples & zits. Yet, I get so insecure despite I have less pimples now compared to before, I have lots of dark spots.


When my skin got tested under the new technology of Olay, despite my skin is perfectly hydrated it is almost damage in average- because I stay too much under the sun. I was recommended to try out Olay’s facial foam cleanser,  toner (Olay White Radience Cellucent Eseence Water Hydrating Toner) and Olay White Radiance Advanced Whitening Cellucent White Essence Serum.- which I personally bought on Lazada, originally worth P1499.00 but on Lazada’s special offer it is P899.00 and comes with Olay Whitening Moisture with Pearl Extract Bodywash.


In line with Olay’s latest technology and products in collaboration with Lazada, another collaboration with designer Jojie Lloren. in designing the uniforms of Olay’s beauty consultants. To quote, “Timeless, Sophistication & Elegance”- Jojie Lloren.

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In 1952, a chemist set out to create a moisturizer that would meet his wife’s requirements. It was from this first collaboration that Olay was born. Since then, Olay has helped women all over the world look and feel their Best Beautiful every day. Olay continues to innovate around the world – not only through breakthrough skin care, but also through a better shopping experience for women.

To continue giving Filipinas a beautiful shopping experience, Olay announces its first collaboration with top Filipino designer Jojie Lloren and its latest skin diagnostic tool, the Olay Beauty Imaging Device.

Olay understands that skin care can be complex and intimidating. Committed to effective yet easy skin care, Olay was the first in the Philippines to have Beauty Consultants, who aim to help Filipinas find the perfect skin care product for them.

Olay Brand Manager Arthur Pena shares, “At Olay, we believe in making every woman look and feel beautiful. This is true for women who use and represent Olay.  Olay Beauty Consultants are an important part of Filipinas’ shopping experience, so it is equally important to us that they are confident and feel beautiful.”

To achieve this, Olay launches its collaboration with Jojie Lloren for the exclusive collection designed for Olay Beauty Consultants. Arthur adds, “Olay is very excited to partner with Jojie Lloren, who is known for his minimalist and elegant designs. His impeccably tailored designs are the perfect complement to beauty that stands the test of the time.”

The first collection for the Olay Beauty Consultants consists of a black coat dress with a silk obi-style belt in Olay’s signature gold, a sophisticated look that enhances the skin care shopping experience for Filipinas.

Beyond this designer collaboration, Olay is also equipping its Beauty Consultants with the latest in skin care diagnostics, the Olay Beauty Imaging Device (BID). More compact and precise, the Olay BID will compare the skin conditions of the shopper against a wide database of over 2,000 subjects. Using the skin probe in key areas that first show signs of skin aging, the skin condition is assessed across five dimensions: skin moisture, pigmentation, skin texture, skin tone and wrinkles. Based on the results, Olay Beauty Consultants then recommend a skin care regimen tailored to these needs.

As one of the leading skin care brands in the world, Olay continues to make women look and feel beautiful every day through quality products and experiences. Reveal your #BestBeautiful by visiting your nearest Olay Beauty Consultant.

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Jolly A Record!

JOLLY sets a new World Record for ‘Largest Serving of Sautéed Mushrooms’ at HistoryCon 2016

Jolly Mushroom Event 2

Throughout history, mushrooms have been part of the human diet and are renowned for their healing and nutritional attributes. Today, this versatile “vegetable” will aspire for a historic culinary feat for the Philippines. JOLLY, the country’s No. 1 mushroom brand, will attempt to make history for the largest serving of sautéed mushrooms at the biggest entertainment convention of the year, History Con, last August 27, 2016 at the World Trade Center in Pasay City.

In partnership with History Channel, the stage was all set for JOLLY’s first world-record bid to cook the largest serving of sautéed mushrooms.   The largest serving of the dish used more than 300kilos of Jolly Mushroom and fired up 10 cooking stations manned by 70 students chef from the Center for Culinary Arts Manila, Far Eastern University and La Consolacion Tanauan and Manila campuses. The tedious process took two hours of non-stop cooking; and after all the hard work of the young chefs, the cheering crowd went wild as the final mushroom dish output was poured into the weighing device and showed a total of 342 kilos, exceeding the minimum requirement of only 300 kilograms. The JOLLY team, led by Executive Chef Winston Luna of Chefwix Catering Services, was applauded for their hard-earned victory.

Chef Winston with Senior Product Manager Marilou Acuna and Associate Product Manager Ralph Rebula
Chef Winston with Senior Product Manager Marilou Acuna and Associate Product Manager Ralph Rebula

“We’ve been cooking a large number for banquets but for this endeavor it’s different. Using the recipe designed by Chef Mitchie Sison, we used mushroom as main ingredient, which is very versatile and is also a wonderful substitute to the usual meat that we usually have. We used sauté because it is the best-tasting way to present the mushroom. We really want the mushrooms to be the superstar for this particular dish,” said Chef Winston.

As one of History Con’s headliner event, JOLLY’s record-setting attempt was just one of the reasons that emphasizes the brand’s mission to elevate and promote mushrooms’ versatility and nutritional benefits on a national and global scale.

“History-making has never tasted this healthy and delicious. JOLLY and Fly Ace Corporation, together with our our event partners, are extremely honored to initiate this ground-breaking attempt. We are hoping to set a first world record, and of course to successfully spread the news of mushrooms’ health benefits all over the Philippines and the world,” said Fly Ace Corporation President, Jun Cochanco.

The giant tub of sautéed mushrooms was later presented at the main stage and was served as a mushroom wrap, which is another way of presenting the mushroom, or served as rice to go with each mushroom serving to the delight of thousands of event participants who queued to taste.

Healthy advocacy

Recent studies by scientists around the globe underscored the importance of antioxidants as these protect the cells from within, thus boosting one’s immune system and helping prevent future diseases such as cancers. And per tests of SGS, a leading inspection, verification, testing and Certification Company, Jolly Mushrooms contain an impressive 14 mg of L-ergothioneine per 400g can.

Mushrooms is known as the world’s “superfood”, we want more people to know about the many amazing health-boosting benefits of mushrooms. One such outstanding nutritional highlight is having the highest content of L-ergothioneine, a powerful antioxidant,” commented Marilou Acuña, Fly Ace Corporation Senior Product Manager for Jolly Food line.

Apart from promoting mushroom’s health benefits, the history-making activity also puts into limelight fresh Filipino culinary talents and the virtue of bayanihan. “This event offers the challenge as well as opportunity for Filipinos, especially our youth, to show support and commitment in making history. To make this Guinness bid successful, everyone in the JOLLY team must work closely together to bring that goal into fruition,” Acuña added.

Cheers to GoodLife, This is it PANCIT!

It never fails that in every Filipino occasion, we have Pancit right? It doesn’t miss any attendance to any Pinoy table.

Pancit as we know means “LONGER LIFE” and way back before the PANCIT OR NOODLES were the “fast food” of the old generation – how ironic since it adds to long life. Anyways the Noodles started during the HAN Dynasty, It was called “Mien” meaning made from flour  and the word “Pancit” came from the Chinese word “PIEN SIT” meaning anything that is cooked easily and quick.


The long list of Panciteria(s) in the Philippines is endless but there are some still existing till today and the different kind of noodles and dishes that made our Filipino culture as it is today.

Kamuning Bakery has been known for a long time and already made a name for itself. Recently turned into a café as the years gone by. The days were there weren’t any Starbucks existing, Kamuning Bakery was the “it” place of the time. – The perfect place to celebrate GOODLIFE years in the market and introducing the PANCIT KAMUNING


In celebration of the good years of Goodlife and their noodle products have paved its way and been part of the tummy-filled life of the Pinoys. At the event, as Kamuning Bakery collaborated with Goodlife whipped some dishes with the cooking demonstration of Batil Patong and La Paz Bachoy – signature dishes 🙂




ChalkxHM Bright Young Manila Campus Hotties


It’s this time of the year where Chalk Magazine brings all schools in the metro representing their designated university and showing the true essence of comradery. These bright young hotties are not only good looking but they are as well model students- that’s why they’ve been chosen in the first place. Each with a different talents and millennial perspectives about how the generation can take over at this present day.


Chalk Magazine in collaboration with H&M- the perfect partner for this event because H&M as a known brand doesn’t fail to set trends that are young and cool, a factor of a bright young Manillenial. H&M are always in trend every season and since they started to branch out here in Manila- considered one of the premier brands  and loved in the country today.



Last night, August 12, 2016,  was the ultimate #TheBigUniversityNight at the H&M Mega Fashion Hall – there were activities, food stops (Jamba juice, Chef Tony’s, Pizza and Bundaberg) and social gatherings (you get to meet new people and make networks). They had a contest among schools on the best OOTDS, the winner was chosen by the Chalk Magazine Team (UST got to bring home the bacon and won worth P20, 000 for their school org) and also a dance competition. A performance from the pambansang pepsquad and champions- UP PEPSQUAD! (University of the Philippines).



Last night also revealed the roster competing for the coveted title of Chalk’s Bright Young Manila Campus Hottie. The event was hosted by DJ Ai Dela Cruz of MYX. The finalists got to be interviewed , showed some of their talents and convince us why they deserve to win. Despite the competition everybody were all in together and just having fun.


Abiel Anselmo, The Bae of trades of DLSU

Ace Yabut, The Model Student of Mapua

Cholo Dela Cruz, Radio Jock of UPD

Dani Camcam, future Diplomat of DLSU

Hannah Locsin, Trendsetter of DLSU

Izumi Nagai, The Deviant Artist of CSB

Jana Mahusay, Dancefloor Diva of CSB

Jay Kim, Korean Cutie of DLSU

Justin Torio, Social Media Hottie of Mapua

Kimberly Amatong, The Fierce Footballer of MC

Kimberly Cruz, Blogerbelle of Ateneo

Marco Sario, Hardcourt heartthrob of Letran

Patrick Yu, The Ramp Rockstar of UST

Philip Tai, The cool geek of DLSU

Sabrina San Diego, Multitalented chick of UST

Vivien Nelsen, Multimedia Maven of DLSU

To vote and to get to know more about these cuties head over to  http://chalkmagazine.abs-cbn.com/vote/ the hashtags #ChalkxHM #ChalkBYMCampusHotties #TheBigUniversityNight